The Deep Dive California

May 3rd – 5th, 2023

Unlock Your True Potential with Rich Litvin’s In-Person, 3-Day, Hot Seat Coaching Experience

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A private message from Rich explaining the Deep Dive Experience.

Past Deep Dive Members

Join me for the Deep Dive California to…

  • Experience the power of in-person Advanced Coaching with me as your guide.
  • Learn the techniques of powerful coaching and take your skills to the next level.
  • Break through limiting beliefs and unlock new ways of thinking.
  • Discover your true passions and what drives you towards your goals.
  • Expand your vision and dream bigger than ever before.
  • Make a significant impact in your personal and professional life.

Imagine being surrounded by a community of talented, driven, ambitious, successful people – just like you…

Pushing yourself to the limit is the way most of us learn to achieve success. But there comes a moment when we ask ourselves, is this a price worth paying?

Being able to expertly coach others is one thing, but achieving true success in your own life and business is another. 

You want to make a difference in the world but do you ever find yourself wondering:

  • Does success feel lonely?
  • Does leadership feel stressful?
  • Do you find it hard to accept help?
  • Do you have a track record of success behind you – but now you feel like you are starting all over again?
  • Do you ever feel more scared the more successful you become(because now you have even more to lose)?

If you’re a yes to any of these, you are not alone. I deeply understand the struggles of balancing success and well-being – as a coach but also as an entrepreneur, a husband and a father. 

You’ve overcome every challenge you’ve faced until now. You have the potential to overcome these high-end challenges, too.

After over twenty years of supporting some of the most extraordinary people on the planet, I can tell you that I’m only ever doing one thing: I remind powerful people how powerful they are. 

And I can tell you now: 

You are more powerful than you know. And I’ve got your back. 

Success Stories from Attendees of Past Editions of the Deep Dives

“After the Deep Dive, I quadrupled my investment and 10X my income. I went from floundering coach to professional coach within months.”

“The London Deep Dive 2020 was a life marker – a moment in my life after which everything changed. It was such a powerful experience, that three years later the group still connects once a month. But the most profound shift came from a single coaching moment with Rich. Rich is a master at what he does. He has this way of slowing you down to be with yourself. He draws out in you the thing that you hide… reframing perceived insecurities into highly regarded strengths.

It’s that way of being, that knowing which can never be unlearned and will guide me for the rest of my life.”

Stephanie Casaubon

Empowerment Coach, former actor and producer, former physician’s assistant and specialist in Emergency Medicine and Surgery


The most valuable thing I got from coaching with Rich was the ability to see myself as having infinite potential.”

“That you could see me as something more, inspired me to see myself as something more. If you are considering coaching with Rich… and you’re not sure… GO FOR IT! It will change your life.”

Karen Portale, MD

Emergency Room Physician

Rich is committed to helping you remember how powerful you are.”

“He holds nothing back and truly serves the one person in front of him. Rich can hold the space for the group and, at the same time, focus on YOU making you feel that you are the most powerful person in the room.”

Linda Scotti

Executive Coach, former leadership coach at Google

The Deep Dive was 3 days of deep coaching in the company of other brilliant human beings.”

“Three days of pushing boundaries, stretch and challenge. And a whole series of thunderbolts. After the deep dive? Everything has changed and it started immediately. New clients, new contacts, new ways of being, new intentions publicly declared in the world that are already generating momentum that before would have seemed impossible. When the next Deep Dive goes public, I’ll be first in line for a ticket. There’s magic taking place in that coaching space. So you better get in fast because I won’t be the only one.”

Danielle Macleod

Founder of Remarkable Women, former Director of Service Operations, Sky

“The Dubai Deep Dive was an amazing experience where I learned so much about myself.”

“I was immersed in an environment with extraordinary people who do not settle for less than they could be. I was made to feel safe and included from the first day. And I experienced such great coaching from Rich that it really left a mark on me. I went from fear to power and authenticity. From withholding to sharing and opening up. I heard my voice again.

The experience of being coached by Rich was so enriching. It deeply touched me, as it was for the first time I really saw and felt how it is to coach from a place of authentic compassion and love for people. I understood that intellectually but I’d never really experienced it until meeting Rich.

I saw for Rich it was not just coaching, but really loving what you do and doing it with great care for people, keeping them safe enough and challenging them in the same time, with compassion. What a great level of coaching and mastery from the inside-out. And the years of dedication and sacrifice it took to get there. It’s the excellence level and the dedication that I immediately felt and have nothing but huge appreciation for it. So glad that I could experience it, as now I really have a real standard to strive for.

Thank you Rich, for showing that energy, in me.”

Alexandru Dinu

Leadership Advisor, restauranteur and nightclub owner, Bucharest, Romania

“It ignited my coaching career with life-changing coaching from Rich Litvin and a lasting connection.”

“I’m truly grateful for the London Deep Dive experience. It ignited my coaching career with life-changing coaching from Rich Litvin and a lasting connection with fellow heart-centred coaches who continue to inspire me to be my brilliance. The Deep Dive is loving, challenging and 200% worth it.”

Natasha Hawtrey-Woore

Entrepreneurship coach and former Interior Designer, London, UK

The Success Paradox

One of the problems with success is that it hides your challenges. Whilst you feel them on the inside, no one else can see them on the outside.

Which of the following guilty secrets of top performers can you relate to the most?

  • Are you successful but truthfully you feel bored?
  • Do people admire what you accomplish but you actually feel lazy?
  • Do you have money and recognition but deep down you’re still not happy?
  • You’re not lonely, but do you ever feel very alone?
  • Do you dream much bigger than anyone around you?
  • Does your big mission inspire others but no longer inspire you?
  • Are you so good at solving problems that you unconsciously create new ones just to solve them?

There are huge benefits to being a top performer. There are also big challenges that most people will never see. That’s why I’m here.

Are you ready to unlock the most potent ingredient for your business and life?

It takes an expert at working with top performers to see what’s really going on and to help you transcend the challenges that only top performers face.

One of my clients is currently selling her company for a billion dollars.
One of my clients is currently raising $100 million to change the future of work.
One of the members of 4PC made $500,000 in her second year of coaching.
Another member of 4PC made $300,000 in her first year of coaching and now coaches some of the top athletes on the planet.

These are awesome results but each of them brings their own challenges.

And the problem with playing a big game is that there are few people you can really talk to. The worst words you can hear as a top performer are: “I wish I had your problems!” They might be “quality problems” but they are still challenges that you need to handle.

“Before working with Rich, I was burnt out after 7 years in corporate. I had no access to mastery. Business was good but not great. Life was good but not great. Deep down, there wasn’t any fulfillment. I had this certainty about Rich being my coach, everything else was simply a matter of doing whatever to making it happen. My return on investment is 1000X (even this seems like an understatement). The experience has blown away everything about me, assiduously built over a lifetime. I am grateful for that because I found my way home. My clients are creating results with greater velocity than before. I am expending far less energy and finding greater joy. And I stopped working on Saturdays after 7 years of having done so. If YOU want to play the game of mastery, leadership and making a dent in the Universe; you had better knock at Rich’s door. Thank you, Rich. You made a profound difference to me.”

Jyoti Gulati CEO Coach


No Theory. No Gimmicks. No Fluff.

Experience Pure Transformation.

Every leader—every coach—needs someone to challenge their thinking. And the higher you rise, the greater the challenges you face. During the 3 days of the Deep Dive California, I will provoke your thinking and challenge the way you see the world.

During the Deep Dive, You Will:

  • Craft a roadmap to success by creating a clear vision for the future

  • Take decisive & inspired action.

  • Join a small, supportive group for powerful like-minded individuals.
  • Renew your energy, refresh your mind and revitalize your spirit in one of the most iconic places on earth.
  • Expand your horizons and redefine what’s possible for you.
  • Make a powerful commitment to a created future.

Get ready to feel uncomfortable

This Deep Dive Coaching experience will focus on YOU.

This is your chance to dive deep into your own personal growth. You’ll work through your own unique process, uncovering blind spots and gaining valuable insights. But be warned, this is not for the faint of heart. I’m committed to serving you, not to pleasing you. I’ll hold nothing back. I’m here to challenge your thinking and push your definition of success beyond your wildest dreams. This can be uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.

While others may be content with minor improvements, I’ll teach you to aim for something greater. Together, we’ll spend hours challenging your beliefs and pushing your boundaries. We’ll coach each other, stretch each other, and laugh together. This is not just a one-way street; it’s a two-way coaching experience.

The event is called “Hot Seat” for a reason – it means you’ll be sitting face-to-face with me, answering deep, thought-provoking questions about your life and business. This will help you gain new perspectives and insights you haven’t seen before.

The Deep Dive California Details

The California Deep Dive Editions is for a maximum of 10 people.

Dates: May 3-5th, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Daily Agenda

  • Session #1 – Vision: We begin with a 3 hour group coaching experience on Zoom session. I’ll draw out your dreams and desires, your doubts and your fears. And I’ll begin to provoke your thinking.
  • Session #2 – Adventure:For our Day of Adventure, you will be visiting Wolf Connection. It’s a wilderness retreat center that brings people together with with rescued wolves. It was founded by Teo Alfero, one of my closest friends and a member of 4PC for over 8 years. Read more about it below. 
  • Session #3 – Influence: You’ll spend a day being coached by two of my secret weapons: Evelyne Brink and Monique DeBose.
  • Session #4 – Connection: I’m taking you for dinner somewhere fascinating. This is included in the cost of the program.
  • Session #5 – Hot Seats: Strap in. This is where the rubber hits the road. Get ready for a day of hot seat coaching with me. I’ll provoke your ideas, mess with your thinking, challenge your limiting beliefs. You’ll leave with drastically more clarity and confidence – and at least 3 specific next action steps to turn your big dreams into your reality. See you in Los Angeles!

Adventure Day Details

For our Day of Adventure, you will be visiting Wolf Connection…

It’s a wilderness retreat center that brings people together with with rescued wolves.

It was founded by Teo Alfero, one of my closest friends and a member of 4PC for over 8 years. With the help of the animals, through Wolf Therapy®, they help at-risk youngsters, military veterans and the formerly incarcerated to reconnect with nature, learn to be of service and work towards becoming the kind of person they want to be.

I’ve visited with my family and 4PC many times. Here’s a photo of my son, Ellington, at 2 years old, on his first ever visit to Wolf Connection. Look where he put his hand!

Get ready for an unparalleled experience with the wolves and your fellow Deep Divers.

One of the main question that everyone is asking is: IS WOLF CONNECTION SAFE?

YES. The wolves and wolfdogs at Wolf Connection undergo ongoing behavioral assessments and receive emotional nurturing that allows them to be comfortable and social with other animals and humans. In addition, experienced handlers can read signs of stress and discomfort in the animals long before they become an issue. Wolf Connection is a zero-incident program.

Meet Our Faculty

In addition to a full day of Hot Seat coaching with me,
you’ll spend a day being coached by two of my secret weapons.

Evelyne Brink

Evelyne has a 15 year track-record of coaching leaders and executives, in organizations such as the BBC and Channel 4, as well as performers and celebrities. She has a background as Europe’s premiere Madonna impersonator and she performed her one woman show at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival.

Evelyne has been a client of mine since 2009, including as a member of 4PC. And she coaches me on increasing my influence, through my voice and my embodiment. She’ll help you align your voice with your deepest intentions and help you express them with your voice and your body. She’ll draw out your authentic, relaxed voice that can be trusted and heard by whoever your audience.

Monique DeBose

Monique is an award-winning jazz singer and playwright. She’s a truth-teller. She’s a creative. She’s a transformational entertainer. And she’s a leadership coach, with a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology. Her third album debuted at number 2 on the iTunes jazz charts. Her one woman show won the Producer’s Encore Award at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Her music was in the most recent Grammy nomination process – an incredible feat for an independent artist.

For 20 years, Monique has been on a mission to help people integrate all the parts of themselves. To turn their fears and insecurities into their strengths. To express themselves fully. To choose MORE for their lives. She’ll help you finally evict the voice inside your head that is constantly telling you to stay small and play it safe.

Success Stories from Attendees of

Past Editions of the Deep Dives

“The Dubai Deep Dive challenged me to see life and business as a game, bending reality, aiming for “impossible” goals and showing up powerfully to make them real. To be a creator of my journey.”

“Rich even recommended that I customize my Deep Dive experience to attend the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar. I saw Argentina win in one of the most dramatic finals ever. These are memories I will never forget.

This program also helped me understand the difference between what I want and what I need, becoming a student of my own mastery and helping me create space for the projects and relationships that matter most.

Lastly, there was a connection, an intimacy in the room that it's hard to explain with words. These are the experiences that create a lasting shift in thinking and emotions.

The Deep Dive will shape my life and business in the years to come, for me and my clients. Thanks, Rich, Monique and Evelyne!”

Fernando OlivaBusiness Consultant, Australia

“The impact of my Deep Dive experience has propelled my practice and my relationships to a whole new level.”

“I’m recognising self-imposed limits for what they are, and I’m collaborating with a mastermind team to overcome them. Will this momentum last? I’ve no doubt it will, as I’m building a team around me, and ensuring there’s joy in the process. Were my questions answered? Yes, Yes, and YES! The Deep Dive with Rich unlocked the most potent ingredient for my business and relationships – me. And for that, I’ll be eternally grateful. Thank you Rich. So, if you want to be seen, and if you want to be truly heard, and if you truly want to achieve, I can think of no one better to Dive Deep with than with Rich Litvin.”

Andrew KiddFounder of Certainty Management – high level consulting to The Cabinet Office of the Government of the United Kingdom, The Royal Navy, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, etc.

“I already feel and see the impact on many levels as I launch a new and exciting program for my business this year.”

“The Deep Dive in Dubai was simply transformative. While it’s great to connect into Rich’s community through zoom from anywhere in the world... it’s deeply powerful to be together in person.
Rich is an extraordinary coach... even more so when you’re sitting in a small circle feeling the love he has for everyone in the room. He truly believes in what he does and the profound impact it has in people’s lives leaves a permanent imprint.

The intentionality behind creating a powerful, immersive experience for 3 days was clear. No detail was left undone, and the delivery of the intensive was first class.

Having the opportunity to learn from and see Monique and Evelyne in action was a major incentive for why I chose to travel halfway around the world right before the holidays. Truly creative, soulful women who reminded me of the power I bring through my voice.

In addition to the faculty, the people drawn into Rich’s community are exceptional. Our Dubai Deep Divers were eager to play, uplevel and genuinely evolve as transformative coaches.

It would have been impossible not to have something shift within me after participating in this intensive. I already feel and see the impact on many levels as I launch a new and exciting program for my business this year.

Thank you Rich, Monique and Evelyne... I am eternally grateful!”

Tracey RussellTrusted Advisor and Leadership Team Consultant, former Chief Executive at a global investment firm

“Put simply, I came to Dubai one person and left another. I left with my power, my eyes open, my confidence, so much clarity and friends for a lifetime.”

“It’s a challenge to put words on the Deep Dive in a way that can accurately translate the experience. For me, it’s something that has to be lived and felt.

Put simply, I came to Dubai one person and left another. I left with my power, my eyes open, my confidence, so much clarity and friends for a lifetime.

This level of transformation was possible not only thanks to the phenomenal team curated for the experience, but also the level of emotional safety created to explore my deepest fears and desires.

Rich, Monique, Evelyne and fellow Deep Divers created an experience I could only describe as life-changing.

Oh and it was so much fun to race across the desert sand dunes on a quad bike and ride camels!”

Lucy LowtherMarketing consultant and Mindset coach, London and Paris

“I connected with my power, my intensity and with my energy of creation”

“From the first moment of committing to the Deep Dive, I had a sensation of excitement and powerful transformation awaiting me. In fact, my experience started with that commitment.

During those intense three days, I had an opportunity to look at myself from a new perspective. I connected with my power, my intensity and with my energy of creation. I also built lifelong connections with other participants.

It is amazing how Rich manages to create and hold space where people arrive as complete strangers and leave as soul mates. The environment he created allowed me to be a student of my own mastery.

I am so grateful to have attended the Deep Dive in London just before the pandemic as it gave me strength and access to my inner resources -- to not just get through challenging times but to also use them for creation and growth.

Thank you, Rich and the team for creating that wonderful experience.”

Tatiana PoliakovaExecutive Coach and Leadership Consultant, former managing director at a global financial services group, London, UK

“So Rich was right, I thought I was signing up for 3 days of deep coaching actually I was signing up for a lifetime of support and love!”

“I had been following Rich for quite a while, watching all his videos, reading his book, attending community calls and loving everything I was hearing. When I saw he was doing a Deep Dive in Croatia, I wanted to know more.

Once I had investigated what it was all about I was a complete "Hell Yes!!"

Rich told me that the reason I was at the Deep Dive was probably not the reason I thought I was there. He was so right. I thought I was there to learn more techniques to add to my coaching programmes but it was so much more than that.

Since attending the Deep Dive in Croatia I have coached some amazing individuals including CEOs, GB Elite Squad Athletes, Coaches & Business Owners, my pricing model has changed completely. One of the other attendees even introduced me to a new client and the contract paid for the event and more.

I got so much out of the Deep Dive in Croatia that I signed up to the Deep Dive in London the following year, which was equally an amazing experience.

Even though it's been 4 years since I attended Croatia, every Monday morning I have a call with one of the other attendees. We support each other and set our intention for the week and will be friends for life. I also meet once a month with some of the attendees of the London Deep Dive. The support and love I receive from everyone is amazing. So Rich was right, I thought I was signing up for 3 days of deep coaching actually I was signing up for a lifetime of support and love!”

Caroline BuchananCoach, following a 20 year career in global finance

Deep Dive California

Unlock Your True Potential during a 3-Day, Hot Seat Coaching Experience


Join me between May 3 – 5th, for a new experience of Deep Dive in California. 

This is an opportunity to dive deep together in a small group of committed people. 

Enrollment Closed

Next Deep Dive Edition will take place in Autumn 2023. Enrollment will open again in August.

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The Deep Dive Experience

In every Deep Dive, people fly in from around the world. They bring big dreams, plus a healthy dose of fear and self-doubt. It’s called being human! Join us on the next Deep Dive…

Watch what Louise says about the experience

See More Success Stories from Attendees of Past Editions of the Deep Dives

I feel I am walking away changed at a deep level. Thank you Rich, your energy is such a gift, you are so loving and compassionate as well as insightful and truthful. It’s is a beautiful powerful combination. I would recommend the Deep Dive to people ready and wanting to make deep shifts in their life. It is deep, so be ready for that. And it requires commitment but magic happens around Rich and it seems effortless. I like that kind of change.”

Annabel Hands

Founder of Britain’s first ever woman-owned and run plumbing company.

Booking onto the Deep Dive really was a no-brainer. 3 days with Rich and nine other people in an intimate setting, felt like a golden opportunity not to be missed. After the first day, any doubts that I had dissolved and by the end of the three days, a feeling of calm and purpose had filled the space. In a heartbeat, I would recommend The Deep Dive. The only caveat being you must be prepared to turn up and be open, honest and ready to commit 100% to the whole thing. Because if you do, the results will quite possibly amaze you.”

Al Stone

30-year career in the music industry

Running a business and being at the top is lonely. I’ve come out of this Deep Dive with answers to questions I didn’t think I had and got answers to what is absolutely possible for myself and the business.”

Dephy Oon

Executive Coach in Singapore

When I signed up for the Deep Dive, I was sure I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. I am delighted to say being in a room with Rich and like minded souls was a truly wonderful experience. Rich has a gift of putting everyone at ease, and giving you the permission to be yourself. No gimmicks, no tricks, no bs, just ‘come as you are.’ This a truly one of the best HELL YESes I’ve ever made, and one I would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to take their business and life to a new level.”

Teresa Townsend

Executive Coach, Qatar

“I went to Rich to find out what I was not seeing – in order to multiply my impact on the world. I had no idea just how much that experience would change my life. Now, I am working on projects that I never thought possible. And I am doing it with less effort and greater ease than I ever expected. Dreams have become ideas, and ideas have become facts. I have discovered my own highway to self-realization and happiness.”

David Romero

Coach to Elite Sports Teams

“I live in the UK and I was finding my way as a coach and then a close friend of mine recommended Rich Litvin and his book The Prosperous Coach. I read it 3 times. I raised my fees straight away. His 3 day Deep Dive was coming to London, I had to go and meet him. There were 12 of us together for 3 days. I met the most incredible people from the UK, Europe and as far away as Qatar and Australia. It was quite intense at times but together we all improved massively with new direction and focus. The Deep Dive was a worthwhile investment to propel myself forward. I got my investment back twice over even before it started just from reading Rich’s book and my clients have benefited ten fold.”

Graeme Godfrey

Serial Entrepreneur

“Before the deep dive, I was going through a challenging divorce, I felt a sense of shame, exhaustion and struggle. I was in the midst of broken dreams and I felt like giving up. After the deep dive, I’m daring to be even more me. I’ve found a new confidence and pride in the uniqueness that is me. I am clear about my gifts. I’m coaching leaders on the power of their choice and executive presence. And I’m writing stand up comedy and daring to go back on stage again, after 10 years away. Rich has a magical way of creating spaces in which deep transformation happens. Where I can go beyond my known. Going tough on people is easy, listening in so deeply and coaching so that they open to their truth like a flower in bloom… that is Rich’s gift. I’ve worked with Rich over the last 10 years. I’m so grateful for each interaction we have.”

Evelyne Brink

“Attending the Deep Dive changed a lot for me. Rich is amazing! He has the ability to draw out exactly what is needed. In my case he revealed, with 2 sentences, deep hidden structures and conditionings deep inside myself. The concept of a DEEP DIVE is absolutely brilliant. Besides an inner work which is still going on and I‘m SO GRATEFUL for, I‘ve developed two new ideas/projects which fulfills me only by thinking and creating them… It feels like I‘ve got and taken with me after the DEEP DIVE a huge gift on top of everything which completes me again a bit more and all what will come out of that… THANK YOU RICH! BIG TIME!”

Tina Reimer

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Love. Rich

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