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Different and unexpected

When did you last create something unexpected for a client?

For transformation to succeed, you have to create the space for insight. Without insight, there’s no true transformation. 

And to create the space for insight, something unusual, unique or startling is often required. 

Something different and unexpected is needed… 

Different and unexpected

I recently sent a special package to all 30 members of 4PC. 

Each one had an envelope that read, “Open first.”

Inside was a QR code to scan with a phone. 

When they scanned the code it took them to a unique video that I’d recorded for each of them individually. 

In the video, I explained that the package contained a necklace with a handmade talisman that I’d chosen for them, personally. Every single one was different. Then I told them the unique story behind their necklace. 

Each talisman is crafted from an ancient wax seal. And each talisman has a unique story and significance. 

30 different, personalized videos. 

30 different, personalized necklaces. 

30 packages individually hand-wrapped, by a member of my team, and sent by courier to their home. 

Different and unexpected

But here’s an important distinction… 

Everything we do in 4PC is in service of transformation. 

Many of the members of 4PC loved their necklaces and wear them every day. 

One member doesn’t wear jewelry, so he had the image professionally painted onto the tire cover on the back of his Jeep. He now uses the talisman as a very expensive keychain. 

One member of 4PC didn’t like the image I’d chosen for them.  

But I didn’t order a replacement. 

You see, these weren’t supposed to be nice gifts. 

I’m in the transformation business. 

And everything I do for my clients is in service of their transformation. 

The person who didn’t appreciate the image I’d chosen, shared their frustration at not being seen.

Which led us into a powerful conversation. And that’s a game I know how to play. 

Serve someone so powerfully they never forget your conversation for the rest of their life. (And then keep doing it.)

I’ve been on a secret mission

This week, we had 4PC Day—a one day, private Intensive for 4PC members. 

A parcel, that included a number of individually wrapped packages, arrived at the home of every 4PC member. 

The first package contained an object the shape of a credit card. 

For 5 months, my team and I had been working on a secret project…  

I wanted to create a message for the members of 4PC that they could carry with them constantly. 

We hired a graphic designer. I spent weeks working with her to design a beautiful message.   

Then, we engaged a company who could use a laser to cut that beautifully designed image onto a metal card. 

I wasn’t designing a promotional product. My name and logo wouldn’t even be on the card. 

This was a message for the members of 4PC. 

We went back and forth with the designer for months to get it perfect. 

And at the start of 4PC day, we invited our community to open a small envelope with their card inside. 

The metal cards feel heavy and solid, just like we wanted. They have the feel of an expensive credit card. The kind of card that comes with a personal concierge service, and top-tier annual fees.

On the front was a message that had been cut out of the metal card: 


On the back was a smaller message, embossed on the card: 

I believe in you. 

Everyone loved them. 

But we anticipated what they’d feel next… A desire to give cards like this to someone they love, like a child or a great client. 

The thing was, we’d had these cards custom designed. They are not available anywhere in the world.  

But we were ahead of the game…

I asked everyone to unwrap one more package. 

Inside was a unique business card holder. 

And inside of that were a dozen of the metal cards that we’d had made for them, so they could give them away to people they love. 

Different and unexpected.

In the service of transformation. 

Love. Rich



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