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Do You Make Your Clients Cry?

“What would make this an extraordinary conversation?” I asked.

Kristen started talking about growing her coaching business exponentially.

This sounded interesting.

But something was missing.

And when I don’t feel it, I have a practice of diving in…

Watch Me In A Deep, Deep Coaching Session

Like all my clients, Kristen is a top performer with a track record of success. She’s a retired television executive who founded a non-profit that has impacted over 100,000 people and she’s now an executive coach.

So, I knew 2 secrets before I even began coaching her:

  1. She is far more powerful than she knows. (Even though she’s already accomplished things that would awe most people).
  2. Tears are a release of emotion. (And if I can create a safe enough space, my clients will cry when they share things with me they’ve often never shared with another living soul).

And as I dive in, Kristen shares things with me that she’s never shared before. In fact, she’s moved to tears.

She leaves this conversation with an insight that I sense will make a massive impact – both in her life and in the lives of the clients she works with down the road.

As you watch, look for the moments of INSIGHT on her side.

And look for the moments on my side where I CHOOSE which rabbit hole to dive down. What do you notice about what I may have seen, heard and felt that gave me clues in which direction to go?

In the comments below, share with me your insights – what will you take away from this?

And where are you more powerful than you remember?

Love. Rich


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