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Do you make your clients cry?

I begin every coaching session with two secret beliefs:

  1. You are far more powerful than you know. Especially if you’ve already accomplished things that impress most people.
  2. Tears are a release of emotion. And if I can create a safe enough space, my clients will cry when they share things with me they never shared with another living soul. 

Kristen is a top performer with a track record of success. She’s a retired television executive who founded a non-profit that has brought clean water to over 100,000 people in developing countries.

When I coached her, she shared things with me that she’d never, ever shared before. And she cried. It was a powerful conversation.

As you listen to me coaching, see if you can tell the moment where I choose to dive deep. What do you notice about what I see, hear or feel that give me the clues where to go with my client?

Love. Rich

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