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Do your reps

As I write, I’ve just finished a workout. I do something called Super Slow weight training. It’s a strength training technique in which you lift and lower a weight more slowly than usual—you take about 10 seconds to lift the weight and another 10 seconds to lower it.

It’s a challenging and often frustrating style of working out for me because I know I could lift heavier weights but the goal isn’t to see how much I can lift—or to look good. It’s to see how many super slow reps I can do. And that’s usually not very many. But that’s not the point because the goal is to get to muscle exhaustion.

In fact, if I can do around 10 reps or I take more than two minutes to complete the set, my trainer increases the weight or the number of reps, the next time I work out. It never stops…

I’m finding pull-ups really challenging. The maximum number of super slow pull ups (from a dead hang) I can do is 5. And there are many days when I can’t do more than 3. It’s frustrating. And I feel glad that no one’s watching.

I see new coaches looking for shortcuts and an easy way to success. My Facebook feed is full of promises of things like “7 figures in seven days….” or “The precise blueprint to build a $30 million business…”

There are ways to make coaching effortless. There are ways to make client creation simple. But there’s no way around it, you have to do your reps. 

If you want to get strong, you have to sweat. If you want to get better at coaching, you have to first be willing to be bad at coaching. If you want to have new clients say YES, you’ve got to collect NOs. Lots of them. And if you want to build your confidence, you have to fail again and again and again.

It’s the same for building a strong business as it is for building a strong body.

Stop looking for shortcuts. Look for longcuts instead. Be in it for the long-haul. Put in your reps. Rest. Eat well. Sleep well. Then put in more reps.

I took this photo at the end of the workout. Then I wrote this article. Now I’m off for a shower. 

Do your reps.

Love. Rich


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