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Warning: don’t join me

Sixteen years ago, I played a game that changed my life. I’ve taught it to thousands of coaches since. 

You see, it’s tragic that coaches who have amazing coaching skills, don’t have the ability to enroll amazing clients. And it’s a shame that successful coaches don’t have the ability to raise their fees or enroll high-performing, high-fee clients. 

  1. Would you like to dramatically increase your confidence as a coach?
  2. Would you like to master enrolling clients?
  3. Would you like to make your business recession-proof?
  4. Would you like to drastically increase your ability to raise your fees and up-level your clients
  5. Would you like to have fun making money?

I was a high school teacher for 15 years before I became a coach. I made $4,500 in my first year as a coach and $17,500 in my second year. 

I was a great coach but I had no idea how to enroll clients. It was so frustrating that it hurt. How could I be so good at coaching but struggle to attract my dream clients? 

Then one day everything changed…

I played The 90 Day Money Game for the first time. I set a goal to make $20,000 in 90 days.

It felt impossible. 

And then I made it in less than 40 days. 

My life as a coach changed from that moment on… 

The lessons I learned in that game became embedded in The Prosperous Coach Approach. I have played this game personally for 16 years. And I’ve taught it to thousands of coaches. 

Now, for the first time ever, I’ve created a version of The 90 Day Money Game that will give you support every single day for 90 days. 

You’ll create clients in real time, with my guidance and support. 

    • You’ll dramatically increase your confidence as a coach. Low professional self-esteem is the single biggest factor standing between most coaches and the success they desire. You’ll build your professional self-esteem and feel bolder than you’ve ever felt. 
    • You’ll massively increase your skills at enrolling clients. You’ll learn how to enroll high-performing, high-fee clients – for the rest of your life. 
    • You’ll make your business recession-proof. You’ll make your business action-based, not emotion-based and you’ll end the boom-bust cycle faced by too many coaches and consultants. 
    • You’ll drastically increase your ability to raise your fees and up-level your clients. Whenever you need, into the future. 
    • You’ll learn how to make money and have fun doing it. 

Too often we hesitate instead of taking action. We overanalyze. We procrastinate. We worry about doing the “right” thing. We’re paralyzed by fear. 

It’s not enough to just learn something. You have to take action on it. 

When you play the 90-Day Money Game, you’ll set a huge goal. Then you’ll take action – a tiny step – every single day. 

Confidence grows from being in motion. And success starts at the end of your comfort zone.

The 90 Day Money Game reframes client creation to make it fun and energizing and it has a track record of success in helping coaches master The Prosperous Coach Approach.

Week after week, you’ll put our attention on the four elements of The Prosperous Coach framework >> Connect—Invite—Create—Propose.

I practice The Prosperous Coach Approach to this day to enroll my $50K-$185K one-on-one clients and the members of 4PC. So I will be playing the game alongside you.

This is hands-down the best method for creating clients that I have ever come across.

It’s called The 90 Day Money Game for a reason. It works best when you play and have fun! 

Warning: don’t join me.

Most coaches and consultants live in a boom-bust cycle: Enroll clients = celebrate. Clients complete = panic. Repeat. 

What you must do to thrive as a coach is to make your business action-based, not emotion-based. You need to establish a handful of habits that you repeat over and over again, no matter how you are feeling, no matter how many clients you have.  

The No Guarantee, Guarantee

I’ve led thousands of coaches through The 90 Day Money Game. And this is your invitation to join me. I am going to teach you to embrace failing, making mistakes and screwing up. The more mistakes you make the more likely it is you’ll be successful down the road. 

The majority of coaches who play make money playing but there is no guarantee that anyone will make money during those 90 days. 

What I have seen – again, and again, and again – is that coaches who play this game report making money for months and even years after they’ve completed it, as a direct result of the people they served during those 90 days. 

When you serve your ass off, you change people’s lives. 


  • Don’t sign up if you’re worried about paying the rent. If that’s the case, you need a job, not a game. Seriously. Take care of your family and your responsibilities, first.
  • Don’t sign up because you want to prove to your spouse or your parents that you can finally make it as a coach. This is a game about improving yourself, not proving yourself. You can’t play this game if you aren’t willing to focus on serving others. 
  • Most people want to be rich without taking a risk. They want to be successful without making a sacrifice. And they want to make money now, without the delayed gratification needed to accumulate true wealth. If you are not willing to make mistake after mistake after mistake, this is not the game for you. If you are not willing to fail at something at least once a week for 90 days, this is not the game for you.

I don’t want you to feel comfortable. I want you to take risks, serve your ass off and collect more NOs than you’ve ever heard in your life.

Want to play?

The 90 Day Money Game – The Details

  • You will begin with the Client Creation Dashboard, in order to focus your Client Creation. 
  • You’ll receive a daily email with an insight from me or a challenge to take action. 
  • You will have access to all of your program material in a private member center.
  • There are 3 live calls with me and the other participants. I’ll be teaching me distinctions and answering questions. 

Join me on The 90 Day Money Game. I have taught The Prosperous Coach Approach to many of the most unique, exclusive and successful coaches on the planet. If you commit to the long haul, you can master this approach, too.

The full price of The 90 Day Money Game is $899. 

Here are some reasons to play The 90 Day Money Game:

  • You’re ready to raise your rates… 
  • You’re ready to sign your first paying clients… 
  • You’re ready to save some money… 
  • You’re ready to turn Pro… 
  • You’re ready to run your first group coaching program… 
  • You’re ready to sign your first high-paying clients… 
  • You simply want to make some money… 

Too many people wait for clarity before taking action. Taking action is a great way to get to clarity.

The 90 Day Money Game is simple but it ain’t easy. Devoting your time to one thing is the most challenging job in the world. After you up for the challenge? 

Join me for The 90 Day Money Game. And your world will change. Forever. 

Love. Rich


PS. Dramatically increase your confidence as a coach by mastering enrolling clients. Drastically increase your ability to raise your fees and up-level your clients. And learn to have fun making money. Join me on The 90 Day Money Game. There’s still time to join us…


PLUS, whenever you’re ready – here are 4 more ways you can drastically increase your income and impact as a world-class coach:

  1. Assess your current coaching level and learn how to get to your next level. Read – or remind yourself of – The Litvin Levels, from The Prosperous Coach.
  2. Watch me coach some of the top coaches on the planet, in order to drastically uplevel your coaching skills. Join me on How To Coach A Superhero: The 4PC edition
  3. Imagine joining a Deep Coaching experience alongside the members of 4PC, my community of high-level coaches… We only offer The 4PC Accelerator once a year and it always sells out in advance. Save $1,000 with early-bird pricing. 
  4. Learn how to enroll and coach successful, talented and ambitious clients – with power and impact. Join my flagship program, Project Kairos – for 8 months of guidance, challenge and support to master creating clients. 


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