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Double your fees. Then double them again.

This week I want to share with you a fascinating coaching session

You see, the power went out at my home before I was able to wrap the session… So my clients and I jumped on a second call, a whole week later. And you get to hear the power of transformation between coaching sessions. 

Prior to becoming a coach, Kyle was a high flying executive who worked 80 hour weeks, Aaron was involved in social justice and Alex produced events that generated millions of dollars. 

By the end of these two conversations: I helped Alex identify his dream client and I helped Aaron let go of being so serious and fear driven.

We thought we’d finished the session, when Kyle shared that after our first call, he’d doubled his rates. To his surprise – but not to mine – he kept getting yes’es… So, I gave him a follow up challenge, to double them again!

Love. Rich


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