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Drawing Out Your Magic

A few weeks back I recorded a series of videos for our online Tribe, called Evercoach. They are part of an online sales process – you’ve seen these things before!

But they are also really great bite-size content.

So I’ve asked my team to share them with you, as they stand alone without you needing to become a member of Evercoach.

Here’s the first video of the series:

Lesson 1 : Drawing Out Your Magic –

5-21-16 Evercoach Video- Bring Out Your Magic

In this video, you will learn what to say (and what NOT to say) when you meet someone who could be the quality client you’ve always dreamt of coaching.

This isn’t a training video on how to show off your credentials.

This is about how to draw out your inner magic that will irresistibly draw in high-performing, high-paying clients.

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