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How to filter for dream clients

If you want better clients you need a better filter.

Every year, I ask myself: Who would I need to be for 100% of my clients next year to be the caliber of my current top 20%?

Every year in 4PC – my community of high-level leaders and coaches – I raise the bar for entry. I have a goal to have the bar be so high that I’m lucky I founded 4PC, otherwise I would struggle to get in!

It’s not written on my website but I have three secret criteria for my dream clients and a ton of context behind that…

  1. You’re ambitious as f**k. 
  2. You’re funny as hell. (Funny haha and funny unique). 
  3. The day you stop making an impact is the day you die.

My clients are talented, driven and ambitious and they care deeply about people. They’re highly creative, unorthodox and they think differently. 

They pass my “Barbecue Test.” If they showed up at my family barbecue (not a client barbecue) I’d be happy to invite them in!

They’ve achieved great things. And they desire to create more great things. 

They are modest, with self-deprecating humor but they’re not afraid to celebrate their accomplishments. It’s not bragging if you’ve done it, right?!

They believe in themselves and in their own value. They’re constantly developing their talents and capacities. They’re adaptable, and effective, often a role model to others. 

They’re not interested in fame or recognition per se but they’re unafraid to seek influence with a purpose. Making a difference is in their blood. They have a track record of success behind them and a big vision ahead of them. 

They have a passionate inner drive and they have learned to stand up for what they need and want. They champion people and they are no longer willing to put themselves last to support others. 

They are natural leaders who others look up to. They are independent, action oriented and willing to take the lead to achieve their goals. Success leaves failure in its wake and they’ve got a track record of failing and picking themselves up – again and again. 

They rarely sit back and let things happen to them, they go out and happen to things. 

If any of this sounds like you, we should probably have a conversation…

And I put it to you that it’s time to update the profile of your dream client. 

Love. Rich 


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