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Confidence isn’t learned, it’s earned

My best ever client was nervous, insecure and making only a few dollars a month when I first met him. 

He was scared to talk about his coaching business. Or even worse, he talked about it too much and turned people off. 

Nobody knew him. He had no website, no book, no email list. He was quickly drenched in sweat if ever he stood on a stage, or in front of a camera. Whatever he did, the constant thought in his head was, “Who are you to do that?”

He was anxious about charging money for his coaching. He was terrified to raise his fees. He was constantly trying to say the “right” thing to clients, to please them and keep them happy. It never worked. 

He was afraid to take time off and he worked constantly, even answering client emails at 3am. 

He hated that he lacked confidence and that his clients could feel it. 

His business now makes millions of dollars a year. He has influenced hundreds of thousands of people with his writing, his videos and his podcast. He commands fees of over $100,000 for his private coaching, and clients fly thousands of miles for his in-person trainings. He’s built a small team to help him create value for people – and make money – while he’s asleep. Plus, he takes 3 months off every summer, and a month off at the end of every year. 

Interestingly, one thing has never changed.

He still gets nervous, insecure and scared on a regular basis. 

But that’s because he never stops innovating. He never stops raising his fees. He never stops raising the bar for his clients. He never stops doing things that scare him. 

That best client of mine. Oh yes, he’s me. 

Every single person I’ve coached over the past two decades has had at least one of these two fundamental problems:

  1. They lack confidence in at least one area of their life.
  2. Their clients lack confidence in at least one area of their life. 

On June 1, I’m teaching everything I’ve ever learned about confidence – in my new program Advanced Confidence Building for Coaches:

  • Imagine you could increase your confidence in making money… 
  • Imagine you could feel more confident in your business, your intimate relationships, your parenting…
  • Imagine you had the confidence that you were going to have a huge impact before your next date, presentation, or proposal…

I’m not going to be teaching you to fake it before you make it. I’m not going to be teaching you to do power poses on stage. And I’m not going to be teaching you how to handle sales objections. 

Over the course of three live 2-hour sessions on Zoom, I will be teaching you a series of counterintuitive principles:

  1. June 1: To build your professional self-esteem, and master imposter syndrome.
  2. June 8: To enhance your connections, improve your public speaking, and build your sales confidence.
  3. June 14: To strengthen your confidence as a leader, and help you feel more certain in an increasingly uncertain world. 

Coaches only have 2 problems with confidence: they lack it, or their clients do

This June I’m going to change that for you. 

In Advanced Confidence Building for Coaches (ACBC) you’ll learn to overcome imposter syndrome and feel deserving of your accomplishments. 

In ACBC, you’ll learn how to confidently charge higher fees and enroll the clients you truly desire.

And in ACBC, you’ll develop confidence from the inside-out. That’s highly attractive to successful clients – and in relationships!

WARNING: You can’t learn to swim or ride a bike by reading a book. And you can’t build your confidence simply by learning new ideas or tools. 

In ACBC, you’ll need to apply what you learn. And you’ll need to teach what you learn to others. 

This is supposed to feel a little scary. 

You see, confidence isn’t learned. It’s earned. 

I have no intention of ever running this program again live. So come earn your confidence with me this June. 

You’ll be able to interact with me live, ask questions, and possibly even role-play with me, or get coached by me. 

If you lack confidence in at least one area of your life – or your clients do – I created this program for YOU. Reserve your spot now because we close the doors on May 31.

Love. Rich


PS. It’s not too late to join Confidence In Action, you’ll receive the recording of the first live call, plus three bonus recordings: (1) How to Raise Your Fees. (2) The 5 Coaching Sales. (3) The Power of Commitment.

PPS. Take my Elite Coaching quiz today and uncover the #1 barrier to your coaching success.


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