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A Teaching & Coaching Experience with Rich Litvin

Coaching Elite Top Performers

The #1 skill behind enrolling high-performing leaders and high-fee clients is … being a really great coach. For the first time ever, I am leading a training on how to coach elite top performers.

Coaching great leaders can be really challenging. But great leaders need great coaching.

Coaches have asked me, for a decade, how I coach extraordinary top performers. You see, I have a track record coaching talented individuals – including Special Forces operatives, Olympic athletes, the adult children of billionaires and entrepreneurs who run many companies at the same time. I have coached and trained some of the most extraordinary coaches on the planet.

For years I resisted teaching these high level coaching skills.
But coaches never stopped asking me…

So, I spent years deconstructing my own coaching.

I looked at what works and what doesn’t work when you’re coaching a world-class martial artist, a former Navy Seal or the leader of a billion dollar corporation. I had the leaders of my community – former executives and entrepreneurs who are now high level coaches and consultants – observe my coaching. They helped me draw out distinctions that I couldn’t see on my own.

Great coaches who want to be world-class, face 3 challenges:

1. It’s almost impossible to observe elite coaching in action…

Imagine sitting behind a one-way mirror and watching talented leaders being coached. Imagine being able to ask questions of an elite coach, to take your skills to the highest of levels

2. Coaching top performers is like a secret club… 

A dirty little secret in the coaching world is that most people teaching coaching skills have never coached a portfolio of extremely talented, high performers. And those rare elite coaches with high-level clients don’t have the skills to deconstruct and teach what they do

3. There are highly specific skills to coaching talented leaders… 

But they can be taught. And they can be learned. And they’re not for the average coach.

I’ve been a high level coach for the past 15 years. But I am an educator by background. I trained as a teacher at Oxford University. And I have a Master’s degree in Educational Effectiveness from the London Institute of Education. I never stop learning and growing. And I stretch to become world-class in my field…

“Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.”
Salvador Dalì

There are 3 steps to MASTERY – imitate, emulate and innovate

1. Imitate: Watch. Listen. Observe. Copy great coaching questions. Transcribing great coaching sessions. Absorbing a great coach’s feel, articulation, and timing. This is where it all begins.

2. Emulate: Do your reps. Practice these skills. Over and over again. Hundreds of times, until they are an unconscious part of your coaching skill set. Begin slowly and incrementally add tools and questions until they are an integral part of who you are as a coach. Don’t feel satisfied until you can ask powerful coaching questions in your sleep. This is not an easy step to complete.

3. Innovate: Create your own fresh and personal approach to coaching and teaching. New coaches often want to skip to this step as soon as they learn to coach. But without a model or in-depth experience of powerful coaching, it is almost impossible to create your own unique approach. Innovation is the direct result of hours upon hours of imitation and emulation. Great coaches have spent thousands of hours studying and learning from others, in order to realize their own personal concepts. This is for the top performers.

If you want to achieve Mastery in your field, you need to practice like a Master…

Program Details

  1. You start with a personalized assessment of your coaching skills.
  2. There are (6) 60-minute, pre-recorded, group-coaching and teaching sessions.
  3. In each session, you’ll watch me coach an extremely talented individual.
  4. After each coaching session is complete, there is an “Ask Me Anything” to deconstruct the coaching.
  5. You’ll have assignments between the sessions.


Dates/times: This is a self study course – work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Coaching Elite Top Performers

$ 899
  • Payment Plan options available.

Please note: we have a no refund policy because we love people who play full out. If you’re in, you’re fully in. It’s called Commitment. Or, as Rich puts it: You’re a Hell Yes. Or you’re a Hell No. Nothing in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching Elite Top Performers (CETP) is not a traditional coach training. It is a program designed to up-level your skills, so that you can coach high level clients with confidence.

We assume that most people on this training will already know the fundamentals of coaching. Some may have been coaching for many years. Our experience is that Rich’s events and programs attract coaches who range from beginners with high aspirations, to coaches and consultants who have been in the field for over 20 years – and everything in between.

There’s a five page assessment for you to analyze your coaching skills, based on Rich’s criteria for coaching high-level leaders. You will assess where you are now and you will set goals around the skills you want to take to the next level.

There will be six 60-minute group sessions. In each session, you’ll watch Rich coaching a top performer for around 40 minutes, on a Zoom call. After the coaching session is complete, Rich will deconstruct the coaching.

You’ll have assignments between our sessions, based on real time learning, the way that surgeons are trained. The Watch it… Do it… Teach it… approach. You’ll watch Rich coaching. You’ll model the coaching skills with your clients, before the next session.

If you are pursuing or already have a high-level coaching certification, we honor you for that. And we are committed to you being a world-class coach. However, this program is not ICF Accredited.

Not in this program. If you’d like to be coached by Rich on being a world-class coach, you may want to consider joining Project Kairos4PC, or Rich’s Protégé Program. These are $15K, $25K and $100K investments.

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