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Grace and laughter in the face of challenge

This is a short message. Unusual for me, I know!

I watched my father handle a life-threatening illness for 7 years, before he passed away. He was a role model for grace and laughter in the face of true challenge. I’ve been fired. I’ve built a business during an economic collapse. I’ve coached clients who’ve lost children, had life threatening illnesses, had miscarriages and been through bankruptcy. And I’ve struggled with credit card debt. 

I’m leading a Zoom call next week, How to Lead in Challenging Times

I don’t pretend I have all the answers. I’ve been scared over the past few days, myself. And on this call, I’m going to teach 14 concepts to support you to survive and thrive in uncertain times. Plus, I’ll answer as many questions as I can.

It’s on Monday, March 16, at 10am Pacific. Block out 90 minutes. There’s no charge for this. I’m creating this for everyone in our community. Please invite a friend. Click here to register

Love. Rich

PS. I lived and worked in Botswana, in Africa, for 2 years, during the height of the AIDS epidemic. One of my friends was a local teacher. I bumped into her one day, as she was off to a funeral of her friend. She told me a joke and then laughed uproariously. She said, “Rich, laughter always gets you through the dark times…”

My boys and I are sending you much love and laughter, right now: 

PS. Why wait? Use your courage right now to join me at the RLI, or reserve your spot on the 90 Day Money Game.

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