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Discover the Proven Path to More Income & Impact – in Less Time

I still remember the day when everything changed for me as a coach. I was working with a small group of clients when suddenly, the energy shifted. Breakthroughs started happening left and right, and the collective transformation was palpable. That’s when I realized: Group Coaching is the secret competitive advantage I’d been searching for.

And now, I want to share that advantage with you.


  • Exponentially expanding your reach and impact, serving 10X more clients in less time
  • Boosting your income by 50% or more, leveraging your time and expertise
  • Attracting dream clients with ease as your raving group members spread the word
  • Creating a thriving, scalable coaching business that allows you to make a bigger impact with less personal effort


That’s the power of group coaching. And that’s exactly what I’m going to help you unlock in the Rich Litvin Playbook for Group Coaching.

Inside this immersive program, you’ll master game-changing tools like:

🌟 Multiplier Coaching: Coach one, transform many. Create a ripple effect of breakthroughs. 

🌟 Flow Mastery: Become a maestro of group dynamics, leading sessions that leave your audience in awe.

🌟 Insight Accelerator: Guide participants to profound insights at record speed, even in large groups. 

🌟 Deep Listening Unleashed: Make every individual feel truly seen, heard, and valued, no matter the group size.

Plus, you’ll gain access to my signature G.R.O.U.P. Coaching Framework, a proven methodology for fostering powerful collective transformations that I’ve honed over two decades as a high-level coach.

Here’s What’s Included:

🔥 3-Part LIVE Workshop Series

  • Mastery Session 1: Become the Maestro of Small Group Dynamics (3-10 Clients)
  • Mastery Session 2: Facilitate Breakthroughs in Large Groups (10-100 Participants)
  • Mastery Session 3: Captivate and Transform Any Audience (100+ Participants)

🔥 Live Coaching & Hot Seat Sessions – Watch and participate as I demonstrate these tools in real-time.

🔥 Practical Application & Embodiment – Hone your skills in our tight-knit community of powerful coaches.

🔥 Lifetime Access to Recordings & Handouts – Cement your learning with resources you can revisit anytime.

Are you ready to uplevel your group coaching skills and create the coaching business of your dreams? If you’re ready to join me on this transformational journey, now is the time. Enrollment is limited and spots are filling up fast.

Your next level is waiting on the other side of this experience.

Join me for the Group Coaching Playbook today!

Click here to SAVE YOUR SEAT.

Love. Rich


PS. Whenever you’re ready – here are 3 ways you can drastically increase your income and impact as a world-class coach… 

  1. Rich Litvin’s 1:1 Coaching Playbook: Learn my top 10 proven tools for coaching elite clients in this live training. Over 100 people joined me for our first live call – and all calls are recorded, so it’s not too late to join me…
  2. Rich Litvin’s Group Coaching Playbook: Make group coaching a lucrative and fun part of your business. Effortlessly fill and lead impactful group programs.
  3. The $100K Club: A six month Master’s Degree in High-Ticket Client Creation. The price increases as we get closer to the start date. Secure your spot now and start your journey to 6-figure coaching success today! 🚀

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