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It’s a Hell No!

A former executive, turned coach, asked for my advice. She’d just coached a client:

Rich, he told me, “I really want this. I just need to run a decision requiring this amount of money past my wife.”

I don’t understand. He was in but a whole week has gone by and I’ve heard nothing. He’s not even replied to my emails.

I replied that her mistake was that she believed him when he said he was in!

Here’s what I would have said to him:

I understand that you want to check in with your spouse. So let’s call this a ‘No For Now’. 

After all, maybe they won’t want you to invest in coaching. Or maybe, you will have a change of heart after our call.

Let’s call this a clear NO. That way you won’t feel any sense of guilt or obligation if you realize that you aren’t yet ready for coaching.

Let’s both sleep on this for a few days.

If, next week, you decide you are a Hell Yes, let me know. 

And if I am also still a Hell Yes, I’ll let you know.

And then we will begin.

But anything less than a Hell Yes for both of us – and we’ll call it a Hell No. Ok?

Money is the perfect excuse… 

If a client says they’re in but they just need to check in with: their spouse… their business partner… or their bank manager… The uncomfortable truth is that they don’t really want to work with you.

If there’s something I really, really want, I will do whatever it takes to persuade Monique how important it is. (I’m not always successful! But I’ll do my best.)

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on my own coaching. I left my family for a week to run an empowerment event in Africa, when our second son was just a few weeks old. And, for almost 5 years, I’ve traveled to another country – 4 times a year – for a Mastermind group I am in.

I don’t want it. I don’t like it.

I’m as human as the next person and it feels really uncomfortable to look someone in the eyes, who is offering me a service, and say “No thanks. I don’t want it.” Or even worse, “I don’t like it.”

I wish I could be stronger but the truth is I’ll sometimes say: “This is great. I just need to check in with my wife on important financial decisions…”

When a client tells you they’d love to work with you but they need to check in with someone, first… It means you didn’t serve them powerfully enough.

Call it a ‘No For Now’ and find a way to get them on another call with you. Then serve them far more powerfully in your next conversation.

This will change your business, forever. 

I trust you… 

The coach replied to me:

Rich, you’re right. The truth is, I signed up for Project Kairos with you and then I told my husband.  

I said to him, “Honey, you’ve gotta trust me on this because I trust me on this. This is what will have me level up my business.

And he got quiet. And then he said, “You’re always right about things when you feel this strongly. I’m not going to tell you I’m not scared. But I do trust you.”

By the way, less than 4 months after beginning her work with me, her practice is completely oversubscribed. She has a waiting list and clients are paying to reserve their spot with her for next year.

Love. Rich



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