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9 hidden truths about life

Here are 9 truths about life that are easy to miss…

  1. If someone posts their business revenue on social media, assume they’re making 10% of that. Then assume they take home 10% of that. Truly successful people never post online about how much money they’re making. 
  2. Seeking fame is an addiction. The more you have, the more you want, and the emptier you feel. Instead of chasing fame try to increase the amount of love you give, or impact you make. 
  3. When someone looks confident on the outside, you have no idea what they’re feeling on the inside. Often it’s much the same as you. 
  4. There’s nothing more important than keeping a commitment. There’s also nothing more important than ending a commitment that’s no longer right for you. The truth is you’ll never know which is the correct decision. Which means the only important thing is that you decide, move on and don’t look back. 
  5. People’s social media feed is their highlight reel. Everyone has shitty, stressful days, just like you. 
  6. People with little talent are often overconfident in their abilities. High-performers often underestimate or are highly critical of their abilities. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably far more competent than you realize.
  7. As an entrepreneur, your primary job is to get a good night’s sleep, to move your body, to eat healthily and to spend time in nature. If you do these things, there is no guarantee you’ll be successful. If you don’t do these things, even if you’re successful, you’ll be burned out and overwhelmed.
  8. Money will make you less happy than you imagine. But it’s a really good value-neutral metric to assess the impact you have in the world as an entrepreneur.
  9. Stop reading books, and lists of things to do to become successful. Write your own.

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