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High Flame Coaching

I am known for bringing high flame coaching. And I brought it big time, this week.

I coached a woman with a PhD from Cambridge University. She’s a physician who has worked in one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. She wanted my help to be less afraid…  

And I coached a former Navy SEAL, who trained for the Olympics. His clients come mainly by word of mouth – they include billionaires, celebrities and entrepreneurs. He is tired of being a best kept secret… 

Both of them are attending my 21 day Intensive that begins on April 30th. They joined me on an “introductory” call and I challenged the heck out of them.

Watch me bring high flame coaching to two top performers. I had to channel so much energy for this that my body is literally buzzing with energy by the end of the experience. And I captured it on video for you to watch.

Watch here:

What’s the biggest insight you have for yourself – or about your coaching – as you watch me coach these two highly talented individuals?

Love. Rich


PS. Do YOU want to coach elite top performers? For the first time ever, I am leading a training on high flame coaching. You start with an assessment of your coaching skills. You join a group training, based on the way that surgeons are trained. Watch it… Do it… Teach it… You watch me coaching. You model the skills with your clients. And then you teach them to another coach. 


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That’s what we do.

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