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Influence: become highly valued and highly paid

I spent the past weekend in the company of 6 extraordinary men. 

We’ve been together in a small, private Men’s Group for 14 years. 

When we first met we were each insecure and struggling in all sorts of ways. Between us we had anger issues, money issues, sex issues, and confidence issues. 

But a decade and a half of practice makes a dent. 

We’ve coached each other, challenged each other, provoked each other. And pissed each other off!

A decade and a half of practice really makes a difference. 

Those insecure young men are now a leader at NASA, a man who trains millionaires and billionaires to be philanthropists, a coach to entrepreneurs and founders, a world-renowned relationship expert, a man who runs a Wolf Sanctuary, and a trusted advisor to some of the world’s most successful CEOs. 

We’ve grown massively in our confidence over the past decade and a half. 

Between us we’ve written best-selling books, made millions of dollars, got married, raised families – oh and built and flown a spacecraft to Mars!

We’ve faced grief together, too. From the death of a child, to illnesses, business struggles and the death of parents. 

We know each other’s biggest fears and deepest secrets. And we love each other because of it. We’ve built bonds tighter than I ever knew to be possible. 

And I’m not sharing a photo of us because we have a tight agreement on confidentiality. 

I honed my craft in this men’s group for 14 years. And I’m bringing that magic to a small group of talented individuals this September. 

When you put a small group of conscious people in a room together and you turn up the flame, remarkable things happen. 

This is why I invented the Deep Dive. 

My next Deep Dive is in Los Angeles. And it will be unique because I’m partnering with my friend, Daniel Priestley, for a singular purpose…

Dramatically increase your influence to become highly valued and highly paid

Daniel is an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author of six books. He has started, funded, scaled, and sold several businesses. And he’s the coach to several billion dollar businesses. 

We’re using the iconic and influential Porsche brand as a powerful metaphor for this experience.

DAY 0: The Deep Dive begins with a 3 hour group Zoom call for coaching and connection. I’ll be creating the container, drawing out your intentions and messing with your thinking before we actually meet. 

DAY 1: Our first in-person experience is at the Porsche race track in Los Angeles. You will drive two different Porsches around the track – the iconic 911 and the new electric Taycan – with your own Porsche Driving coach. You need a driving license but no prior track experience is needed.

This will be fun and edgy but it’s not a “day out.” We are creating this experience in service of your transformation. We’re going to challenge and provoke your thinking on innovation and personal branding at every level.

DAYS 2-3: The next two days are where the rubber literally hits the road. Hot seat coaching and teaching with me and Daniel. We will provoke your ideas, mess with your thinking and challenge your limiting beliefs. 

You’ll leave with drastically more clarity and confidence – and at least 3 specific next action steps to turn your big dreams into your reality. 

Plus, on Day 2, Daniel and I will be taking you out to dinner as a group. 

Exclusive VIP Experience

There are also three VIP spots for an unparalleled adventure hosted by me and Daniel.

Following the adrenaline-charged Porsche experience, our driver will be waiting to whisk us away to a private dining experience. Here, you’ll relish a two-hour, no-holds-barred session where you can “ask us anything!” — a golden opportunity to gain insights, ask for advice, and enjoy a captivating conversation.

Secure your spot now for the journey of a lifetime.

Love. Rich


PS. It’s not too late to join Confidence In Action, you’ll receive the recording of the first live call, plus three bonus recordings: (1) How to Raise Your Fees. (2) The 5 Coaching Sales. (3) The Power of Commitment.

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PLUS, whenever you’re ready – here are 4 more ways you can become a world-class coach:

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