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The secrets of high-performance coaching

I loved my first ever coach training. How about you? 

I remember spending time connecting deeply with other coaches. I got to witness great coaching from mentors and teachers. It was a unique opportunity to learn in an empowering way.

And then one day it was all over.

That was it… No more opportunities to watch deep coaching. No more opportunities to witness great coaches in action. And no more opportunities to learn powerful coaching tools and techniques in a really empowering way.

I began coaching because I’m a people person but it turned out that coaching was surprisingly lonely. 

I was determined to learn from the best and with the best. I’ve spent 20 years seeking out great coaches, teachers and mentors. I’ve learned from them and alongside them. I’ve invested over a million dollars and at least 20,000 hours in my own personal growth and professional development during that time.

That’s two decades of building my coaching mindset, skillset and toolset.

When the teacher is ready, the students appear…

From the moment I founded 4PC (my community of high-level leaders and coaches) the members began asking me to explain the Deep Coaching I was modeling to them. 

Initially I was reluctant to share this. I had no interest in creating a complex curriculum, or my own coach training. But three years ago, during lockdown, I had an idea that excited and inspired me.

I launched a program where you could watch me coach some of my most fascinating clients. This program has been one of our most popular programs ever. We’ve had many people sign up to every single edition of the program that I’ve run.

Join me for How to Coach a Superhero: the 4PC edition. We begin in a few days… 

You’ll have a rare opportunity to witness the secrets of high-performance coaching. 

You’ll get a behind-closed-doors look as I practice Deep Coaching to transform the lives, businesses and thinking of a group of talented, driven, top performers. Each of them is a coach or leader from my community: 

  • A woman who spent twenty years as a leader at the European Investment bank. 
  • A man who grew up in poverty and later became a millionaire business owner. 
  • A woman who used to work in high-end finance in the city of London. 
  • A woman who has worked on multi-billion dollar business projects since she was in her 20s. 
  • A man who got a Master’s Degree at Oxford University, where he came top in his year. He was the youngest-ever partner at a premier strategy consultancy. 
  • A world-famous DJ, who built a tech business that generates millions of dollars of passive income. 
  • A woman who coaches CEOs and Senior Executives to build multicultural organizations.
  • A woman who coaches the leaders at multi-billion dollar corporations.
  • And a former trial attorney who burned out, then retrained as a firefighter before becoming a leadership coach.

Highly successful people need your support more than you think—and more than they know

If you don’t yet coach people significantly smarter, wealthier and more successful than you, it’s time to up your game. And if you do, it’s time to truly provoke their thinking.

Highly successful people struggle constantly with fears, doubts and insecurities. You see, the more successful you become, the more you have to lose. The bigger the mission you’re on, the larger the problems you face. And the more influential and in the limelight you become the less likely you have anyone willing to truly challenge you.

Top performers love having a coach who can meet them as a peer and provoke their thinking. 

And that coach can be you

Join me for How to Coach a Superhero: the 4PC edition

During six live coaching sessions:

  • You’ll learn how to coach extraordinary top performers. 
  • You’ll become able to coach clients who are smarter, more successful and wealthier than you, without feeling intimidated or not enough.
  • You’ll gain the courage to utilize deeper coaching skills in a group setting.
  • You’ll uplevel your coaching practice by learning advanced techniques that work best with talented, driven, ambitious, successful people.
  • You’ll witness Deep Coaching and learn priceless techniques you can put into practice straight away.
  • You’ll see the inner workings of my coaching methodology. 
  • You’ll experience first-hand how my coaching transforms the lives and careers of top performers.

This is NOT a ‘passive’ program. You will need to actively apply these skills with your own clients because you’ll be learning the way that surgeons learn… First, you’ll watch me. Second, you’ll practice on your own clients. Finally, you’ll teach the skills you learn to others: it’s the very best way to learn.

All calls are recorded so you can review them again and again. You have the option of attending in-person or watching on your own time. The sessions are on Zoom and take place on the following dates:

  1. Kickoff Call #1: March 7th, 11-12:30pm PST
  2. Call #2: March 14th, 11-12:30pm  PST
  3. Call #3: April 11th, 11-12:30pm PST
  4. Call #4: April 25th, 11-12:30pm PST
  5. Call #5: May 9th, 11-12:30pm PST
  6. Final Call #6: May 23rd, 11-12:30pm PST

If you want me as your personal coach, my clients invest up to $185,000/year. If you’re interested in joining 4PC, you need to invest $25,000/year for a minimum of 3 years. How to Coach a Superhero: the 4PC edition is a $799 investment. And on February 27, the amount will increase to the full price of $899.

I’ll see you on the inside… 

Love. Rich


PS. Dramatically increase your confidence as a coach by mastering enrolling clients. Drastically increase your ability to raise your fees and up-level your clients. And learn to have fun making money. Join me on The 90 Day Money Game. There’s still time to join us…   


PLUS, whenever you’re ready – here are 4 more ways you can drastically increase your income and impact as a world-class coach:

  1. Assess your current coaching level and learn how to get to your next level. Read – or remind yourself of – The Litvin Levels, from The Prosperous Coach.
  2. Watch me coach some of the top coaches on the planet, in order to drastically uplevel your coaching skills. Join me on How To Coach A Superhero: The 4PC edition
  3. Imagine joining a Deep Coaching experience alongside the members of 4PC, my community of high-level coaches… We only offer The 4PC Accelerator once a year and it always sells out in advance. Save $1,000 with early-bird pricing.
  4. Learn how to enroll and coach successful, talented and ambitious clients – with power and impact. Join my flagship program, Project Kairos – for 8 months of guidance, challenge and support to master creating clients.


Transforming world-class leaders into world-class coaches.
That’s what we do.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.

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