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I got on a call with a group of clients and one of them was wearing a t-shirt with a Hooli logo.  

I love it! I said. 

He was beaming, I had it made! He replied.

Most of the other faces on the call looked blank, so I asked them if anyone knew what Hooli was. 

Everyone looked blank.

If you don’t know what Hooli is, either – that’s the point!!!

You need a Hooli T-shirt… 

You need to get so narrow and specific in describing what you do, that if you wrote it on a t-shirt, most people would look blank. But ONE person in the room would light up!

That feels too scary for most coaches. So they say things like, I work with men and women in transition… I’m a freelance consultant specialising in coaching and mentoring… I help people to change their life and/or the world… 

These are nice phrases but they tell me nothing. I couldn’t make a referral to you because you could literally work with anyone. Which means you’ll probably end up with no one… 

Get so specific that it scares you

Let me tell you about 3 members of 4PC: 

Parissa Behnia specializes in coaching high performing leaders who are difficult, dismissive and divisive. The kind of leaders who create incredible results but their stubborn and abrasive behavior leaves collateral damage in its wake. Parissa used to be a leader like this, so she knows exactly what makes them tick. And she knows precisely how to help them turn off their detrimental behaviors, so they become an asset to your business, again. 

If you have an amazing leader in your team but the cost is beginning to outweigh the benefit, you know who to call… 

Kanchan Prinsloo specializes in supporting senior women leaders of color. She has decades of leadership experience in public and private organizations in Canada and the UK, so she deeply understands the invisible barriers these senior leaders face every single day. And she also knows how to help them thrive in their role. 

If you are a senior woman leader of color and you want to get to the very highest levels of your organization, you know who to call… 

Georgie Dickens specializes in working with what she calls “Stratospheric CEOs.” Her clients are the leaders of billion dollar and multi-million dollar organizations. Before becoming a coach, Georgie had a 20-year career in the City of London, working at a senior level in companies such as JP Morgan and Reuters. So she’s not afraid to speak truth to extremely high level leaders. 

If you’re an extremely accomplished CEO who is unable to speak openly with your board, your senior team, or even your husband or wife, you need a trusted advisor. You know who to call… 

Want traffic?

I’m in an online group, where someone just posted this question: “I’ve just launched the new website for my mindset coaching business. Any tips on the best way to get traffic for the site?”

I have 2 tips: 

  1. Stop talking about your coaching. Start talking about your people. 
  2. Stop worrying about traffic. Find one person to help. Help them. Repeat. 

Love. Rich 


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