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Hot seats and ROI

4PC is my community of 30 high-level leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs. 

My very favorite part of working with 4PC is hot seat coaching. 

We sit in a circle. 

And one at a time, I put each person on the hot seat. 

It’s called a hot seat because when all the attention of the room is on you, your seat starts to get hot. Very hot. 

And then I coach you. 

And you start to sweat. 

4PC includes group coaching, private Intensives and travel around the world. (In fact, over the next 18 months, we’ll be in San Diego, the Caribbean island of Curaçao and Italy).  

But the beating heart of 4PC is hot seat coaching.

A few years back I wondered if I could take the power of hot seat coaching and turn it into a stand-alone transformational experience. 

The Deep Dive Experience was born… 

I once asked a client of mine why there were so many military veterans in my community. 

He was a former Navy bomb disposal expert and he looked into my eyes and immediately replied, 

“Rich, you’re a man on mission and if you’ve been in the military, you know what it means to be on mission. Plus, you’re all about service and we know what it means to serve.”

Hearing this from a man who was willing to put his life on the line in service of his country was really moving for me. I never forgot his words because I’m very proud of them. 

If you’re reading this, I know you’re already on mission – or you’re searching for your next big mission. If you’re reading this, I know your work is in service of others. 

The Deep Dive is the perfect place to hone – or find – your big mission. And it’s the perfect place to take a moment of time out from a life of service. 

In every Deep Dive, people fly in from around the world. They bring their big dreams. And they bring their doubts and fears. After all, you’re not truly on a mission if it doesn’t scare you a little. 

Join me this December in Dubai, for an opportunity to dive deep in a small group of committed people.  

No theory. No Information. Pure transformation. 

In a world where most people are hoping for incremental improvements in their life or business, I’ll teach you to play a very different game.

We’ll spend hours and hours challenging your thinking. We’ll coach each other, stretch each other, support each other – and laugh with each other.

The Deep Dive is a maximum of 9 people. 

Session 1: Vision

We begin with a 3 hour group coaching experience on Zoom session. I’ll draw out your dreams and desires, your doubts and your fears. And I’ll begin to provoke your thinking. 

Session 2: Adventure

We travel to Dubai and begin our adventure with a desert experience that’s included in the program. 

Session 3: Influence

You’ll spend a day being coached by two of my secret weapons: Evelyne Brink and Monique DeBose. 

Evelyne Brink has a 15 year track-record of coaching leaders and executives, in organizations such as the BBC and Channel 4, as well as performers and celebrities. 

She has a background as Europe’s premiere Madonna impersonator and she performed her one woman show at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival. 

Evelyne has been a client of mine since 2009, including as a member of 4PC. And she coaches me on increasing my influence, through my voice and my embodiment. 

She’ll help you align your voice with your deepest intentions and help you express them with your voice and your body. She’ll draw out your authentic, relaxed voice that can be trusted and heard by whoever your audience.

Monique DeBose is an award-winning jazz singer and playwright. She’s a truth-teller. She’s a creative. She’s a transformational entertainer. And she’s a leadership coach, with a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology.

Monique’s third album debuted at number 2 on the iTunes jazz charts. Her one woman show won the Producer’s Encore Award at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Her music was in the most recent Grammy nomination process – an incredible feat for an independent artist. 

For 20 years, Monique has been on a mission to help people integrate all the parts of themselves. To turn their fears and insecurities into their strengths. To express themselves fully. To choose MORE for their lives.

She’ll help you finally evict the voice inside your head that is constantly telling you to stay small and play it safe.

Session 4: Connection

I’m taking you for dinner somewhere fascinating. This is included in the cost of the program. 

Session 5: Hot seats 

Strap in. This is where the rubber hits the road. Get ready for a day of hot seat coaching with me. I’ll provoke your ideas, mess with your thinking, challenge your limiting beliefs.

You’ll leave with drastically more clarity and confidence – and at least 3 specific next action steps to turn your big dreams into your reality. See you in Dubai!


For me, the ROI on coaching is priceless. 

This year alone, my coaching investments include spending $50,000 to be mentored by a world-class expert on intuition; traveling 6,000 miles to spend two days with an expert on positioning and branding; and I am about to spend 5 days having my mind and my body messed with by a former Navy SEAL. 

ROI is an acronym from the world of finance that means “return on investment.” It’s a performance measure used to evaluate the profitability of an investment. 

The difference between a coaching investment and a financial investment is that you can get value from your coaching – whatever happens – if YOU show up powerfully. 

Bobby is a member of one of my coaching programs but he shows up as if he’d invested $185K, to be one of my private clients. He sends me an email reply to every single one of these newsletters to tell me his insights and how he will apply them.  

I just began working with a new personal trainer. He said, “It’s going to be fun training you, Rich, because I can tell you push yourself to your limits.”

So do my clients.  

If you want to be a world-class coach, you have to invest in yourself at a world-class level.

Love. Rich  


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