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How Many Coaches Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?

When I set out to create 4PC I was determined to set the bar high in order to create a group of mavericks.

Maverick means “individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox and original”.

Today, I want to introduce you to a maverick named Pam Dibbs—one of the most recent members of 4PC.  

Only 4% of businesses last more than a decade, so it is extraordinary to me that Pam is an entrepreneur who is still running the company she co-founded with her husband almost 25 years ago. They run a fascinating and super successful business that provides photography and consulting services to the aviation industry.

Here’s a photo that Pam’s husband John took recently from the cockpit of a Second World War aircraft which was traveling at 200mph.

Pam is also a a coach to some of the leaders at top corporations, including Microsoft, Boeing, Expedia and Costco. She’s worked in aviation, healthcare, retail, banking, IT and engineering in both the US and Europe.

Pam knows how to lean into her fears. She’s bungee jumped and parachute jumped. And even wing walked on a bi-plane. Yep, she’s literally walked on the wings of a moving aircraft—and an 80 year old one at that!


Pam does one other thing that scares ME more than anything else. She is a stand-up comedian. You may have seen her roasting me live on stage at one of our Intensives this year!

She uses her comedy in her coaching of senior executives and it has a great impact.

In this short video she shares a simple but powerful tool for helping your clients take themselves less seriously—and she shares the science behind it.

Let me know—how do YOU use humor in your coaching?

Love. Rich

P.S. Learn more about Pam here:

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