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How to Create a Coaching Intensive in 3 Steps

Here’s how I create an a Intensive for 1-10 people.

I’m a coach, not a teacher, so I want this experience to be more about my clients than about me or the latest cool ideas.

I want them to leave with insights, not information.

I want them to dream big, but leave with tiny steps.

I want to schedule lots of breaks and time for walks in nature.

Deep reflection is powerful, and great coaching often happens in between powerful conversations. You have to know when to take a client off the hot seat, to let them simmer. [Read more: “Thanks for Nothing. (And Everything)”]

Deep reflection is also tiring. So, if you do it right, they’ll be more exhausted than you when they leave!


Start by asking them to list everything they’re proud of from their professional life and their personal life. Do this for the past 90 days. Or for the past 3 years. Or even for the past 20 years.

Then become like Sherlock Holmes. Find out their story. But pay more attention to the context then the content of the story.

Find out their challenges. And how they overcame them. Find out about their failures. And reframe them. [Read more: “If Success is your Destination, Failure is your Path”]

Find out their gifts. And then look for the dark side of their gifts.

Find out their “Perfect System” for continuing to create the same challenges or struggles, again and again in their life. [Read more: “Fearless Coaching in Action”]

Help them discover their “Zone of Genius”. [Read more: “I Run a Values Based Business”]

Find out what’s on their “When Life Works” list.


Help draw out their Big Dream for the future. Have them do the “Holy Shit, Rich!” exercise. Have them close their eyes and imagine that they call you up in 3 years to say, “Holy shit! My personal and professional life is AMAZING…”

Have them tell you about what makes their life so incredible. Just make sure they talk to you as if 3 years has ALREADY passed.

Coach them through it if they say things like “I hope in 3 years to have … Or “It would be amazing if in 3 years I …”

It should sound more like this: “It’s been 3 years since our coaching intensive and my life is now amazing! Let me tell you about my business… Let me tell you about my relationships… Let me tell you the biggest insight I got that weekend, that changed everything … Let me tell you the first tiny step I took the Monday after, 3 years ago …”

Introduce them to the concept of Impossible Goals—and help them craft their own. [Read more: “6 Steps to Create the Impossible”]

Help them create an “Avoid at All Costs” list. [Read more: “Willpower Doesn’t Work”]


Here’s the irony of Session 1 and Session 2: the past and the future don’t actually exist! There’s only the present moment.

Help them craft one question that if they reflected on this every day for a year, their life would transform. [Read more: “121 Powerful Questions for Coaches and Leaders to Challenge Their Client’s Blindspots”]

Help them understand that a goal is a place to come FROM, not a place to get to.

Help them turn their mission into tiny steps. [Read more: “The Tiniest Step Changes Everything”]

Help them get clear on their FIRST tiny step—for Monday morning at 9am.

Help them choose one tiny Keystone habit, that if they focused on this alone, every day for a year, it would have a ripple effect on everything else in their life. eg. do 10 pushups every morning, eat a salad for lunch, walk in nature for 30 minutes, meditate for 5 minutes.

Have them leave with ONE powerful question, ONE tiny step, and ONE tiny habit.

Have them leave with a simple strategy to get back in action when life happens and they feel scared or they don’t know what to do. [Read more: “Most Questions Can Be Boiled Down To…”]

Have them leave with a COMMITMENT. It could be you but it’s more powerful if it’s to themselves or to a member of the group. [Read more: “Intention or Commitment?”]

Oh. And have fun. Always have fun!

Love. Rich

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