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How To Read A Business Book

My friend, Robbe Richman, coined the term HYPOREADIA (hy-po-reed-ee-ya)…

It’s “the dis-ease of having many half-read books, unread books and Amazon wishlist items. Often accompanied with the feeling that if one could read them all to completion, life would be infinitely better.”

I used to have it.

Ok, I STILL have it!

But I’ve found a way of reading business books that really helps…

You see, I once had it as a point of pride that I FINISHED every book I started. 

But, these days I have a different approach for non-fiction and business books.

I look for a single INSIGHT or DISTINCTION. When I have that, I’m complete. I close the book.

Here’s how I actually read a business book these days:

1. The first thing I do when I get an interesting new book is: Google [book title] + the word “summary”.

Almost always someone has written an interesting summary that gives me the “headlines”. 

2. Then I open the book and read the contents page.

3. Then I read the summary/conclusion at the end of the book. 

4. Then I read the chapter summaries, if they are there. 

5. Then I read the chapters that appeal the most. In ANY order!

6. Then I Google the author to see if they have anything on video to watch. 

7. Then, I reflect on a single INSIGHT or DISTINCTION that’s my take-away from the book. 

8. When I have that, I’m complete. I close the book. 

9. Well, almost complete… I immediately APPLY it or TEACH IT

And then it’s IN me and I’m good.

10. Then—if I really love the book—I look at the authors’ website to see if they are offering any trainings or workshops or if I can speak to them directly. 

11. Oh, and once in a while—if it’s a REALLY good book—I’ll actually finish it!!
Love. Rich

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