I have written every day for the past 10 years. If you like to read, I've got your back - and I promise to challenge your thinking

How to Write Every Day for 10 Years

I’ve been looking back at my life and I realized that I’ve published at least one article, video or Facebook post every single week for the past decade.

I’ve also written hundreds of articles for my coaching groups, my private clients and for members of 4PC.

I’ve co-written a book called The Prosperous Coach – that has now sold over 50,000 copies. And I’ve written the first draft of two other books – The Loneliness of Leadership: the guilty secrets of extraordinary top performers, and The Exponential Coach: how to coach extraordinary top performers to 10X their impact, income and inner peace.

I’ve written the content for 3 products in my partnership with Evercoach, the coaching arm of Mindvalley. And – I just checked – I’ve got 383 unfinished articles in my “Article Ideas” folder on my computer!

Would you like to write every day for 10 years?

Steven Pressfield gives 3 great tips on how to do so:

  • If your work truly matters to you, the fear around it will never subside.
    • Feel scared? Keep writing.
    • Worried about criticism? Keep writing.
    • Afraid you’ll look bad? Keep writing.
  • Never take action and reflect on your work at the same time.
    • Never edit and write. Just write.
    • Edit later. Just write.
  • Let your work itself be the biggest reward for working.
    • You know why I write so much? It’s because I love writing!
    • You know why I love writing? It’s because I write so much!

I never used to be a writer.

In fact, I’m a scientist by training. I have a joint degree in Biology and Economics. I specialised in behavioural physiology (how the structure of the brain affects behaviour).

I wrote my first article online 11 years ago. And I was terrified!

But I kept writing.

The novelist and writer, Anne Lamott says, “The problem is that everyone wants to be published, but most don’t want to write.”

Want to be a great writer? Start writing. And don’t stop.

Love. Rich


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