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I am Richard J Litvin and I approve of me

For most of human history, if you stood out, you died. If you had a point of view, you died. If you had an important mission or message, you probably died. 

We are the product of generations of ancestors who learned not to stand out, not to rock the boat, and not to have a point of view.

Most people act like sheep because by doing and saying the same thing as everyone else, you end up sounding and looking exactly like everyone else… and you survive to live another day. 

The opposite of being a sheep isn’t being a big bad wolf, it’s taking a little act of courage each day. 

Doing that you can live a Created Life. A life that is created by you. 

A Created Life begins with the words you choose to describe your world, instead of the world that “happens” to you.

I’ve been creating my life for over a decade, using a tool I call My Manifesto. 

My Manifesto is my private declaration of how I am creating myself and how I am creating my life. My Manifesto helps me follow my own advice. I read it every morning as a powerful way to turn it into reality. 

I started writing it in 2009 and I haven’t stopped working on it since. None of the statements in it are “true.” Although some of them have become more true, the more I have spoken them into the world. Many of them are a work in progress—because I am a work in progress!

Click on the image, to see a pdf with the full Manifesto and it’s explanation.

Take a moment to send me your Manifesto for how you are creating yourself in 2021. Start small. In 2009, my Manifesto had just 3 statements. (I read every email I receive, even if I can’t reply to them all). 

Love. Rich


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