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“I Believe in You…”

In 2002, Google believed that managers were a waste of time, and they unleashed a radical experiment – called Project Oxygen. They let go of all their managers… 

But the experiment was a disaster! They actually found that employees crave direction, support and guidance.

So they turned the project into a comprehensive study of the opposite question: What are the common behaviors of the very best managers? They came up with a list of 10 verifiable attributes. 

And the number one characteristic that Google’s research says makes the very best managers, is that they know how to … Be a good coach.

“I Believe in You…”

The 4 most impactful words a coach can ever say to their client are: I believe in you. 

In this week’s podcast episode, I coach two successful leaders who have transitioned into coaching. And I wake them both up to how powerful they are. 

Listen here:

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