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If you do nothing, you lose

I was lying in the dentist’s chair, about to have my wisdom teeth removed, when she said, “What do you do?”

I said, “I’m a coach to extremely high performers.” 

“What does that mean?” she replied. 

“Well,” I said, “There’s a high price to pay to be a high-level leader, that most people never see…”    

“That’s so true,” she said, in recognition. After all she’s an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Now that’s a high performer! 

Back to business, she said, “The Nitrous oxide and the Valium will kick in, in just a moment. They won’t take the pain away completely. You just won’t care about it!”

Before I went under, I said with a smile, “That’s what I do for my clients… I help them stop caring about what they think!”

If you do nothing, you lose

Such guidance for high performers is nothing new. Over 800 years ago the Persian mystic and poet, Rumi, wrote this poem. Back then, entrepreneurs were called merchants:

Cautious people say,

“I’ll do nothing until I can be sure.”

Merchants know better.

If you do nothing, you lose.

Don’t be one of those merchants who won’t risk the ocean!

This is much more important than losing or making money.

This is your connection to God!

You must set fire to have light.

Trust means you’re ready to risk what you currently have.

Work in the invisible world

at least as hard as you do in the visible.

When one of those generous ones invites you

into his fire, go quickly!

Don’t say, “But will it burn me? Will it hurt!”

He was talking to you… 

Love. Rich 


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