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If You Don’t Risk Failing

If you don’t risk failing, you’ll never succeed. If you don’t collect no’s, you won’t get to yes. If you don’t have a strong yes, you’ll never be willing to say no.

If you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t be able to help others. If you don’t create value you’ll never create wealth.

If you don’t let yourself be moved, you’ll never move others. If you don’t spend time in silence, you’ll never have something really important to say. If you don’t spend time serving others, you’ll never be able to lead others.

If you don’t create limitations for yourself, you’ll never have true freedom. If you don’t do things that are scary, you won’t build your confidence. If you don’t risk being vulnerable, you’ll never be truly strong.

If you don’t surround yourself by people more interesting than you, you’ll never become more interesting. If you don’t make mistakes, you’ll never learn. If you don’t have a mission that requires a team, you’re not dreaming big enough.

If you don’t create more leaders, you’re not a real leader. If you don’t help others to succeed, you’re not truly successful.

If you don’t take a tiny step, you’ll never accomplish something big.

If you don’t risk loving ’til it hurts, you’ve never truly loved!

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