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I’ll pay you $1,000 NOT to attend my Intensive…

Does your intuition ever scream at you to take action but you freeze because your mind is battling with what your gut is telling you? 

A year ago this week, I got off a plane from London to LA. 

I called my team the moment I landed. 

COVID-19 was becoming very real and I knew I knew we had to do something very different for our April Intensive. 

Little did I know how much life was about to change for all of us. But I did know that we needed to get super creative for our clients. 

I’m very proud that for ten years we have created powerful Intensives that feel really intimate. I had never had the desire to run one that wasn’t in-person. But a year ago the world shifted dramatically, with the start of a pandemic, and so did we…

In 2020, we created our first ever virtual Intensive. 

And, in order to create even more value for our clients, we offered them a gift ticket for a friend to attend the 2021 Intensive. 

The problem is that a gift ticket is a “free” ticket. 

And when people are given something for “free,” they don’t value it or take it seriously. 

So I’ve offered them each a $1,000 gift to NOT attend the Intensive.

At my intensives, I teach coaches how to create high-performing, high-fee clients. Our participants invest up to $2,297 to attend. And we have community members who have attended more than 13 intensives in a row… 

The Intensive is 9 days long. There are teaching sessions led by me. There are small group sessions. There are community sessions. There’s an app to share insights. You have prep work and homework. And you need to actively apply what you learn. 

That’s a lot. 

And for most people, who have a “free” ticket, it will be too much. 

They won’t show up as powerfully as everyone who has invested a couple of thousand dollars in their ticket. And if a friend gifted them a ticket, they will be representing them. And that’s a big responsibility.   

So, I am giving them two options: 

  • OPTION 1: As a gift for NOT attending the Intensive, I will send them my program, Coaching Elite Top Performers, that we sell for $1,000. 
  • OPTION 2: If they STILL want to attend the Intensive, I have asked them to write to me: I am in. I will play full out, as if I had invested the full $2,297.

Enrollment doesn’t stop when someone sends you a check. That’s when it begins

Enrollment isn’t about asking people for money. It’s about asking people for commitment

Enrollment is about calling people to show up as powerfully as they can. Again, and again, and again.

Here’s the very first reply I received from my email: 

Rich, this email is to personally re-confirm my commitment to your event. The following demonstrate my commitment;

    1. I paid over €7,500 to attend your last live event in San Diego in Oct 2019, at a time that I was not earning much more than that.
    2. I travelled over 8,000 kms each way, to get there.
    3. I spent over 20 hours in the sky to get there. And it was my first time abroad on my own!
    4. When I was gifted the ticket, I jumped at the chance as I know the value of that gift. I can leverage that gift 100 times more than in 2019 because that experience opened my eyes to the power of leverage and possibility.
    5. I was vulnerable when I filled out the pre-intensive questionnaire in a way I couldn’t have been in 2019. I didn’t understand the word then.
    6. Lastly, I am committed to being a world class coach, making an impact and I’m doing what it takes to make that intention a reality.

I look forward to being a member of the 2021 Intensive and I promise you (and me) that I will show up. 

Thank you for your integrity in calling this out in me and all the other invitees.


Love. Rich


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