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“I’m afraid I’ll be found out…”

This week I coached Emily, the former Director of Talent Acquisition for a $3 Billion corporation. She had a track record of recruiting hundreds of people in a critical, high stakes environment and she was almost 20 years in the corporate world – yet she still carried a deep fear that she’s an imposter: “I’m afraid I’ll be found out…”

Emily is now a professional coach. She’s a powerful woman. But before our conversation she hadn’t quite seen just how powerful she is. She hadn’t seen that some of her gifts as a coach stretch far back in time. And she hadn’t realized just how clearly she understands the deep secrets of her dream clients.  

  • Imagine you knew the mindsets of your dream clients… When you understand this, clients will be knocking at your door to work with you because you truly get them.
  • Imagine you could see your own power… For most people their superpower is too close to them to see it clearly. When you articulate this, it’s like a magnet for your dream clients.
  • Imagine you could speak a truth so powerful that people trust you before they even meet you… When you do this, you can build an incredible community.   

Watch me coach Emily, and see me draw out all 3 of these things.

As I coach Emily, I’ll be coaching you, too.

Then watch the video a second time, do the exercises I take Emily through – and tell me your biggest insight.

Love. Rich


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  • you have excellent coaching skills
  • Plus, you have the time and money so that you don’t ‘need’ a client
  • and you can keep a secret…

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