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I’m Going To Tell You What I See…

“How many compromises have you made? What risks have you not taken? How many people have you lost because you didn’t speak up?” asks Christina Berkley.

Christina is a founder member of 4PC, she’s been a one-on-one client of mine and a member of several Salons.

She has coached a leader at NASA and she facilitates meetings with investors, social entrepreneurs, and high level philanthropists.

She’s an extraordinary woman.

And as a coach, she has begun to be very honest with her clients that she’s not there to be their friend.

And that she doesn’t care whether they like her or not.

She is going to tell them what she sees.

Counterintuitively, people get very excited about this.

Every single time she has been willing to let go of the need to be liked in a first coaching conversation, that person has become a client.

Can you imagine what your coaching practice would be like if you didn’t care whether or not your clients liked you?

I’ll let Christina take it from here…

What’s ONE truth you’d love to share with a client?

Love. Rich

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