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The Influence Curve: Elevate Your Influence, Your Impact, and Your Income

Influence is your ability to shape and inspire people’s thoughts, behaviors, and decisions. It enables you to compel your dream clients into action. And it’s the single most important skill to take your coaching business to the next level…

As you increase your influence, you move along the influence curve:

1. Deep Connection: 

  • Connect with people deeply through genuine curiosity. Ask yourself, ‘What is this person showing me that I’ve never noticed before?’ and ‘How could I let them know I appreciate that?’
  • Connect with interesting people at events and conferences by public speaking. Hang out in the lobby: the most interesting people at conferences rarely watch the presentations!
  • Connect with interesting people online through blogging, guest blogging, contributing value to online forums, creating an engaging email newsletter and hosting online events – Q&As, webinars and public group coaching sessions. 

2. Amplify Referrals:

  • Regularly ask for referrals from your clients. 
  • Aim for the highest level of referrals, where you get unsolicited referrals from your best clients. 

3. Audition Mindset: 

  • Build the courage to say ‘no’ to anyone less than an 8 out of 10. 
  • Move from good clients to great clients. Your high standards in client selection reflect the caliber of your coaching brand. 

4. Unique IP: 

  • Develop unique coaching methodologies.
  • Stand out by creating and sharing provocative intellectual property (IP) that sets you apart.

5. Strong Brand: 

  • Showcase your unique coaching style on stage, on video, and on podcasts. 
  • Get clear on your values and don’t compromise, to build a strong value-based brand.

6. Irresistible Value Proposition: 

  • Develop a powerful description of how your clients are better off after working with you. It prompts people to say, “How do you do that?” 

Consider my own value propositions:

  • I help coaches dramatically increase their influence, their impact and their income.
  • I lead a community of the world’s most influential word-of-mouth coaches.

7. Strategic Marketing: 

  • Use multiple platforms to share your expertise:
    • Showcase your successes. It’s not bragging if you’ve done it. 
    • Reveal your client transformations, in their own words. 
    • Share insights, stories, and your unique IP.

8. Thought Leadership: 

  • Share your expertise through articles, podcasts, videos, books, webinars, and speaking engagements. 
  • Build a body of work over time, to position yourself as an authority in your field.

9. Continuous Learning: 

  • Stay informed about the latest trends in business, coaching and personal development. 
  • Constantly develop and share new IP to stay influential.

As your influence increases, witness these three remarkable changes:

  1. Command Elite Fees: Your value skyrockets, and your fees follow.
  2. Become Oversubscribed: You have a waitlist of high quality clients. 
  3. Sought After Expertise: Your opinions and insights are valued and sought after, even beyond your field. 

Elevate your influence, elevate your impact.

Ask yourself: Where do I stand on the Influence Curve? What is one small, yet powerful, step I can take right now to progress further?

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Love. Rich



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