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The place where the world’s best coaches learn to create a thriving coaching business.

I get it. I’ve been there. And I’ve spent over a decade helping coaches build their coaching practices without the need to do any of this.

Even successful coaches often have deep-rooted fears around selling:

They’re afraid of raising their rates because they believe clients can’t afford it or are not worth that much.

They’re afraid of being needy, pushy, or disliked.

They’re afraid of being vulnerable with their clients.
They’re afraid to ask for what they really want.
And it doesn’t have to be that way…

Your coaching business has two parts.

About half of your time goes to coaching clients. The other half goes to creating clients. Now, here’s what you have to understand:

The box on the left—the coaching—is undoubtedly why you got into this business in the first place. It’s why you love being a coach.

But it’s the box on the right that’s what will determine if you thrive or struggle as a coach.

And for most coaches, this is the “hard” part of coaching. The yucky, salesy part that they detest.

Most coaches LOVE the box on the left and HATE the box on the right.

But what if it didn’t have to be? What if I could show you how to create new clients that were just as rewarding as the “coaching” part of your job? A way that didn’t involve sales funnels, email marketing, or any other quick solutions?

I will share a big insight with you that most coaches need help figuring out

The key to creating more coaching clients has nothing to do with marketing.

That’s right. High-performing, high-fee coaches get their clients through invitations and referrals (not Facebook ads).

And that’s great news! Because it means there’s another way to create new coaching clients. A way that involves having more fun and actually thriving as a coach.

That’s how I run my business, and my clients include some of the most successful people in the world, like Olympic athletes, Presidential candidates, Hollywood film directors, Special Forces operatives, and serial entrepreneurs.

My calendar has only two colors: red and blue. Blue signifies any time I am coaching a client. Red represents any time I am creating a client.

If you were to observe me on a coaching day, you would be hard-pressed to know whether I was speaking to a current client or creating a new one. I have made the two boxes overlap.

And when you enroll in The Intensive, I will show you how to do it, too. This experience will shape your Deep Inner Work, Fearless Coaching, and Client Creation skills while adding a strong pillar: Leadership & Language for Client Creation.

For most coaches, this isn’t just a business-changing shift… it’s a life-changing one. And what’s really amazing is that it takes the “hard” part of coaching and makes it rewarding and fun!

The secret, is to change how you recruit new clients, so that these boxes overlap.

In other words, you enroll new clients by coaching them.

The more these boxes overlap, the more fun you have and the more you thrive as a coach.

Just imagine if you LOVED the process of creating new clients just as much as you love coaching your existing clients.

How much more successful would you be? How much wealthier? How much happier?

The Rich Litvin Intensive

The Intensive is a full-on immersion into the skills needed to take your career to the next level. You will be surrounded by extraordinary coaches, and you will leave with a clear Action Plan for what to do next. Your Intensive experience will include:

This year, for the first time ever, we are running two intensives: a virtual one, so you can join us from the comfort of your home, from anywhere on the planet, and an in-person one, taking place in US. 

Get ready to grow way beyond your comfort zone.

The Intensive has transformed the lives and businesses of coaches around the world

"When Rich outputs his energy, it is like he is spilling out gold blocks all the time. Worth every penny invested and beyond! Truly transformational. I look forward to continuing to be part of this powerful community."
Gaby Puma
Entrepreneurial Advisor & Coach
"I knew that I wanted to be in a group of exceptional people, although I was truly nervous about the journey. At the Intensive, I found amazing people with special gifts and I am excited to know them more."
Helena Abidin
Personal Branding Strategist

The Virtual Intensive

April 8 – 12, 2024, Online

The Virtual Intensive isn’t just a short, virtual ‘event’. It’s a 5 day full-on immersion into the skills needed to take your career to the next level. You will be surrounded by extraordinary coaches and you will leave with a clear Action Plan for what to do next.

During the 5 days i’ll be guiding you through frameworks that balance actionable strategy with deep inner development. We’ll explore fearless coaching techniques, empowering you to push clients beyond their perceived limits and into unprecedented growth. Additionally, we’ll master the delicate art of client creation, honing the ability to elevate your fees and convey the indispensable value of your coaching with conviction and elegance. And how to enroll high-level leaders who are entrepreneurs or executives.

This intensive is about far more than information. You already have all the information you ever need. You can read my books, watch my videos, listen to every podcast episode. I’ve taught it all. But when you come and sit in a room with me and my high level community, I will teach you my latest distinctions, my newest thinking, and I’ll send you out into the world to take action.

This is not a spa. We are not going to make you feel good. We’re going to make you feel challenged. This is not a “safe space”, although we’ll create real safety. This is a brave space, a space for you to take action based on new ideas, new tools, new distinctions that I’ll be teaching you. 

The Virtual Intensive Daily Agenda

Day 1: Unveil Your
Inner Power

Discover the Source of Self-Doubt and Unlock Client Magnetism

On the first day of the Intensive, we embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. You’ll uncover the hidden roots of self-doubt and fears that might be holding you back in your coaching practice. 

By harnessing the art of storytelling, you’ll learn to captivate and attract high-paying clients you never knew existed. This day sets the stage for a transformative experience, exploring vulnerability as a tool for leadership and revealing the paradox of high-paying clients, which might be closer than you think.

Day 2: Challenge &
Action Day

Embrace Discomfort and Put Your Learning into Practice

Day two is all about taking action and pushing your boundaries. You’ll be challenged to step boldly outside your comfort zone and apply what you’ve learned. 

Engage in the Vulnerability Challenge, where you’ll craft emotionally resonant connections with your clients’ pain points. The Connect Game encourages you to establish genuine connections by sending personalized video messages. Lastly, the Time Machine Exercise allows you to reflect on your coaching journey by writing letters to your past and future selves.

No Live Calls on this Challenge day.

Day 3: Fearless Coaching Mastery

Break Free from Superficial Coaching with Deep, Actionable Techniques

On the third day, we delve deep into Fearless Coaching, moving beyond surface-level interactions. This day equips you with powerful techniques to facilitate genuine transformation in your clients.

Transition from coaching with your head to coaching from the heart, explore the transformative power of silence, learn the difference between serving and pleasing clients, and master the art of asking challenging questions that inspire real action.

Day 4: Challenge & Practical Application

Hone Your Fearless Coaching Skills Through Hands-On Challenges

This day  is dedicated to practical application, where you’ll sharpen your Fearless Coaching skills through hands-on challenges.

The ‘Silence Is Golden‘ Challenge will help you master the use of silence in conversations, enhancing your coaching effectiveness. Additionally, you’ll build a bank of thought-provoking, challenging questions to use in your coaching sessions, deepening your impact on your clients’ lives.

No Live Calls on this Challenge day.

Day 5: The Art of
Client Creation

Master the Art of Attracting Clients Through Authentic Connections and Value-Based Coaching

On the final day of the Intensive, you’ll learn the art of client creation without relying on traditional marketing techniques.

Discover how to attract clients through authentic connections and value-based coaching. Explore strategies for leveraging invitations and referrals, selling the experience rather than just the concept of coaching, understanding the nuances between fee-based and value-based coaching, and using client-centered enrollment conversations to connect with and enroll the clients you genuinely resonate with. This day will equip you with the skills and mindset to build a thriving coaching practice based on genuine connections and client value.

The In-Person Intensive

May 2 – 5th, 2024

The in-person Intensive happens over 4 days in United States. The event will be in the Pacific South West of the United States, with access to an international airport.

If you choose to invest deeper in yourself, if you choose to invest the time, energy, money, and commitment to be with me and my community in person, we’re going to take your insights to the next level.

We’re going to help you unlock breakthroughs in your coaching practice, because over four days in person, you’ll learn to embody the principles of deep inner work, fearless coaching, and client creation through real time, high impact experiential learning. 

I’ll be modeling for you, the way that I work with my 4PC community. This means that I’ll be giving you exercises that you play out, in real time, with instant feedback. I’ll take you through rapid fire experiential drills, and you will witness the powerful effects of coaching, both one-to-one and in a group setting in real life scenarios. 

And finally, you will master client enrollment through immersive role playing and panel discussions, and you’ll gain insights into value-based sales.

The In-Person Intensive Daily Agenda

Day 1 - Vulnerability Day

We all heard the phrase that everything we want is on the other side of our comfort zone. But the truth is, how often do we push ourself to truly be uncomfortable?

Every intensive starts with Vulnerability day. I cannot tell you more because then it won’t be an opportunity to get truly vulnerable. Trust me. This will be your moment to take risks, to feel nervous and to do things that scare you. 

And on the other side of that, is where the transformation begins. 

Day 2 - Deep Inner Work: Unveiling Your Inner Leader

On Day 2, I guide you into a profound journey of deep inner work, aiming to unveil the leader within you. We dive into the transformative power of personal narratives and we will explore how your own stories, your triumphs, and tribulations, can be harnessed to dismantle self-doubt and fuel a potent self-belief. 

Yet, this day isn’t just about introspection. Through high-intensity coaching drills, I’ll provide real-time feedback, a dynamic reflection of your innate potential. We’ll embark on a 2-hour challenge to translate insights into tangible results, making money and initiating client relationships in real-time.

Every invitation extended, every referral requested, marks the birth of a new chapter in our coaching journey.

Day 3: Fearless Coaching

On Day 3, we go deeper, this time into the practical aspects of fearless coaching.

We start with speed coaching. We’ll be coaching fast and efficiently, focusing on getting to the core insights quickly. Everyone gets involved; this isn’t a spectator sport. Each participant, including myself, plays a role, making it a shared learning experience.

We then raise the bar with hot seat coaching, where I’ll demonstrate coaching techniques live with a few high performers. It’s an opportunity to see coaching in action and grasp its real-time impact. It’s tangible, it’s real, and it’s enlightening for both the coach and the coachee. I’ll also take the opportunity to showcase how to effectively coach small groups. 

We’re not just talking about theories; we’re applying, testing, and refining our skills in real scenarios. It’s about gaining practical skills and insights that you can immediately apply in your coaching practice. By the end of Day 3, you’ll walk away with not just enhanced knowledge, but refined skills and enriched confidence in your coaching abilities.

Day 4: Experiential Client Creation

On Day 4, we’re shifting gears to focus on the practical aspects of bringing clients onboard. It’s all about client creation, a crucial skill for any coach. I’ll walk you through role-playing sessions. We will be stepping out of the theoretical and getting our hands dirty, practicing client enrollment in real-time. Every try, every piece of feedback, is a step closer to mastering this art.

We will break down the complex world of value-based sales to its basics. It’s about understanding the client’s needs and showcasing the value we bring to the table. It’s not just about selling; it’s about creating a partnership where both parties win. 

You will also attend a 4PC panel discussion to add depth to our learning. Hearing different perspectives and experiences adds richness to our understanding. 

I’ll also take the stage to show, not just tell, how client enrollment is done. It’s real and unscripted, an opportunity to see how selling becomes less of a transaction and more of an engagement.

By the end of Day 4, the aim is for each of you to walk away with practical skills and insights, ready to bring clients onboard with confidence and integrity. You’ll see client creation not just as a task but as an opportunity to start impactful coaching relationships.

Get a sneak peek of the Intensive experience:

At the Intensive, you’ll…

Get Uncomfortable

I believe you can’t take a client any deeper than you’ve gone yourself, which is why we’ll coach many of you live. I promise that we won’t hold anything back. We’re not here to be your friend, but to help you succeed. And that’s why we create space to do the deep inner work necessary to help you see your blind spots and continue your own path of personal and professional development.

Dream Bigger

Most people dream 10% bigger than where they are now. But that doesn’t engage or excite anyone. That’s why I’m going to help you adopt a 10x mindset instead. It’s a whole new mentality that radically shifts your thoughts and your actions. It feels like walking a fine line between fear and excitement. When you achieve this, you’ll wake up every day with your heart racing at the thought of being alive.

Ask Powerful Questions

Powerful coaching is about powerful questions. I’ve asked questions that helped one client to get a billion-dollar business… resulted in another publishing a book that sold 50,000 copies… and helped yet another to earn $79,000 in her first month of coaching. At The Intensive, you’ll get tons of these powerful questions—and you’ll learn how to improve the quality of the questions YOU ask.

Select the Intensive you want to attend and join me on this transformative journey.

The Virtual

April 8 - 12, 2024
$ 749
  • Live group coaching video calls.
  • 5 days of virtual teaching and coaching
  • Access to recordings in perpetuity​
  • Join a community of extraordinary coaches

The In-Person

May 2 - 5, 2024
$ 1,500
  • Access to the Virtual Intensive
  • 4 Days In Person Event Access
  • Join a community of extraordinary coaches

The Intensive is not for everyone

The Intensive is not for everyone, and the experience is designed to feel intense. This is not for you if…

Our Policies

Cancellation Policy

We have a No Refund Policy for a reason. You see we love people who want to play full out. If you’re in, you’re in. It’s called Commitment. “Hell Yes. Or Hell No”. There is nothing else. And if it turns out that you can’t attend the Intensive in person – your fee can be used as a full credit toward any Intensive provided in the next 12 months – as long as you notify us more than 30 days before the intensive. If you need to cancel within 30 days of the intensive, we will not be able to transfer your ticket but we will send you the full audio recording of the event.

The "Power of Vulnerability" Policy

Show up to the Intensive ready to hide nothing—and hold nothing back. You will triple the value you get by playing this way. As Brené Brown puts it, “Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.” If you wake up the morning after this Intensive without a “vulnerability hangover,” then you probably didn’t go far enough. Our Intensives are always recorded, so just like life, you get to choose how far you go in sharing with others—privately or in front of the whole room.

The "200% Responsibility" Policy

Great coaching relationships involve 200% Responsibility, and that’s how we run The Intensive. On our side, we PROMISE you, that we will show up 100%. We won’t hide or hold anything back. We’ll give you the most powerful, impactful, kick-ass, life changing Intensive that you have ever experienced. On your side, you will show up 100%. You won’t hide or hold anything back. Take action, even when you’re afraid. Be vulnerable. Lean into your edge. Take risks. Mess up, screw up, FAIL! Again and again and again. Because more failure is the only guaranteed path to more success.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you to try to attend both intensives. The virtual one will focus on theory and learning, and the in-person intensive will help you put in practice everything you will learn at the virtual one. 

Whether you’re new to coaching or have been coaching for years, you’ll discover plenty of opportunities to learn and grow at a Rich Litvin Intensive.
We strongly recommend blocking out your calendar to join every session live so you can make the most of your Immersion experience.  You will have access to all of the recordings if you simply cannot attend one of the sessions.

Our event team is finalizing the location.  The event will take place in the Pacific South West of the United States, with access to an international airport.

More stories from past Intensive participants

"When Rich outputs his energy, it is like he is spilling out gold blocks all the time. Worth every penny invested and beyond! Truly transformational. I look forward to continuing to be part of this powerful community."
Gaby Puma
Entrepreneurial Advisor & Coach
"I knew that I wanted to be in a group of exceptional people, although I was truly nervous about the journey. At the Intensive, I found amazing people with special gifts and I am excited to know them more."
Helena Abidin
Personal Branding Strategist
"I was somewhat skeptical of how an Intensive would translate to a virtual experience. The Brilliance Sessions were extremely powerful, and it worked well. I got out of it more than I realized was possible. I realized that I had proven to myself what I could do and command as a coach. I got off my paralyzing fear of creating a small group coaching. That's a great thing!"
David Block
Coach and Financial Consultant
"While I really missed the face-to-face and travelling portion of the live intensive, I really enjoyed virtual experience. There was a lot of great information from the Brilliance Sessions but the most powerful stuff came from Rich and even the spaces between the sessions. Plus, it's all recorded, to watch later.
It was really empowering, in the true sense of the word. Thank you a billion times, Rich."
Paula Schmidt
"The Brilliance sessions were all amazing. I'm actively using my notes from all of them. They allowed me to see, hear, and feel what true alignment in your work sounds like. I am much clearer on what I'm going for."
Vanessa Moseley
Health and Lifestyle Coach
"Watching Rich coach showed me how simple and powerful coaching can be. I have been holding back, and I won’t do it any more. Watching such a wide range of coaches do their thing and having 21 days to gently take it all in was incredible!"
Luca Petty
Startup Coach