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IP is everywhere

In the last two articles I’ve written, I’ve taught you how to use other people’s thinking to create your own intellectual property (IP). And I’ve taught you how to use photos to stimulate your thinking to create your own IP. Today I am going to teach you that there is IP all around you…

When everyone is a coach, it is your IP that distinguishes you. It draws your dream clients to you and it filters out anyone less than a dream client. 

Think you are not a writer? Then make videos. Not good on camera? Then create audios for a podcast. Not good at writing, on video or on audio? No one was EVER good at these things at the start. 

A great blogger once told me that the most successful bloggers he knew all hated their first 50 posts. And none of them found their voice until they’d written at least 100 posts. I was very grateful. That idea took all the pressure off and I just started writing – badly – fifteen years ago. Haven’t stopped since. And it feels like I am just beginning to find my voice!

I used to be terrible on camera. This is me on video over twenty years ago. Very self-conscious and barely able to look at the camera. This is me on video doing a terrible audition for the tv show, The Amazing Race, fifteen years ago. Still self-conscious and barely able to look at the camera! 

If you want to be successful – at anything – commit to the long haul.

Creating IP can sound intimidating but it’s easier than you think… Remember, your job is not to get it “right,” it’s to provoke your clients’ thinking. Let me give you five examples I came up with in just a few minutes. 

IP from a viral video…

Be like a honey badger. “Honey badger don’t care…” 

When it comes to feedback, be like the honey badger in that viral video from a few years ago. The honey badger is afraid of nothing and it never takes no for an answer. Hear a no… Don’t care! Client quits… Don’t care! No one buys your program… Don’t care! Just. Keep. Going.

IP from parenting…

The 3 second rule: When you drop food, it’s fine to eat if you pick it up in 3 seconds or less, right? Well, Covid showed us this is definitely not true. But you should apply the 3 second rule when creating clients. Next time you hear a NO, give yourself 3 seconds or less to make a proposal to another client. 

IP from the news… 

Run into the burning building: Last summer there were terrible fires in California. This year there were terrible fires in Europe. It’s an unimaginable concept but it’s important to ask yourself the question: What would you save if your home was on fire? Apply this idea to your business. What would you save if 90% of what you do had to go? Which clients would you keep if 90% of them had to go? 

IP from your pet…

Be more like Luna: My puppy is present and in the moment. Always. She doesn’t hang on to stories from the past. She’s not afraid of the future. She’s just in the moment. The only thing between you and everything you want is your resistance to being right here, right now. Want to be more present? Place a hand on your belly, take 3 deep breaths. Ask yourself what you need to do. Go do it. 

IP from when life sucks…

Don’t listen to unsolicited criticism: That’s a screenshot of an actual review from the audiobook of The Prosperous Coach. It made me smile but only a few years back it would have sent me into a complete emotional tailspin. You see, for most of my life I was constantly seeking others’ approval. When The Prosperous Coach was first published, we got a bunch of great reviews. From friends and family, of course! A couple of weeks later, we got two scathing reviews and I called Steve Chandler in a panic. “Steve, we just had two terrible reviews. What shall we do?” “Nothing!” Steve replied, with a smile. “That just means we’ve made it…” He wasn’t wrong.

Don’t wait 

Don’t wait to create “great” IP. You’ll only know what’s great after you hear from the people you share it with. You can never know, in advance, what people will love. Which takes the pressure off… 

Your job isn’t to be liked, it’s to create. 

Love. Rich


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