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It’s Called Social Media But It’s Not Social

It’s called social media, but it’s not social.

It’s anti-social.

We often check social media when we are hungry, angry, tired—and when we’re lonely.

There’s nothing wrong with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. They are just not a magic way to create clients.


‘Social’ media can be helpful when you have a message to share.

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. are a great way to be seen and to be heard.

The most common thing I hear when I meet a new member of our community is:

“After I found out about you, I ‘stalked’ you online. I watched every video you’ve made and read every article you’ve written!”

It’s 2018, don’t be a best kept secret. Share your stories. Share your insights. Share your thoughts and ideas. Your people need you.


Do you have a mission so powerful that nothing—and no one—will stop you?

You don’t need social media for THAT.

If you want to create high performing clients get out from behind your computer screen or off your smartphone.

Spend time with real people.

Serve them.

Create value.

Get social.

Love. Rich

PS. When an introvert tells you to get social, you should probably pay attention!

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