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“I’ve Got A Great Referral For You…”

Hi!  Have you ever had a really weak referral? It’s a weak referral when you get an email introducing you to someone you don’t know – out of the blue: “You two should meet.  You’d be a great coach for her.”

9 times out of 10, what happens next is… NOTHING! Even if you write a great reply, they’ve never heard of you and maybe they weren’t even interested in coaching and all you hear back is crickets.

So, what do you do when someone says they have a great referral for you?

And what do you do when the person making the referral isn’t interested in being coached themself?

Here’s what I do…

Fred: I have a referral for you, Rich.

Rich: Thanks, man. Tell me a little about him.

Fred: [Talks a little about his friend]

Rich: Interesting. What’s holding him back the most right now? [Listen deeply and then slowly work your way through the following questions]

What’s his biggest dream?

What’s his biggest fear?

What has him wake up at 2am, with tears running down his face?

Has he ever had coaching before?  Why do you think he’d be open to it now? Why do you think I’d be a good fit for him?

And what have you told him about me?

Thanks for all that, Fred. Now, I never make cold calls, so if you still think your friend would get value from a conversation with me, please tell him about me and ask if he’d like an introduction. If he says yes, please ask him to contact me or introduce us over email.

If the person making the referral isn’t interested in spending 15 minutes in conversation with you, they were never going to make a strong referral anyway. And what you did in those 15 minutes is turn the referrer into a full-on advocate for their friend’s future success.

Love. Rich


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