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“I’ve got new coach smell…”

I have 3 treats for you today: 

  1. 1 Insight
    This week on my Podcast, I coached Parissa. She is an advisory board member in a female founded AI startup. And she has a track record of success in the corporate world.

    But she began this conversation trying to fight for her limitations. Watch out for this in your own clients. Particularly the successful ones!

    She tried to enroll me in her story that she has something she called “new coach smell!” I refused to bite. Instead, I did what I always do… I reminded her how powerful she is…

2. Want to be a Masterful Coach?
Watch my interview with Ajit from the Mindvalley team. This is one of the most fun interviews I’ve done recently. I dive deep into:

  • my coaching and entrepreneurial journey 
  • the lost art of building a word-of-mouth business
  • the power of exponential shifts
  • the importance of 1,000 NOs
  • navigating the J-curve of business
  • when scaling back is more important than scaling up
  • the $1,000 hamburger story
  • the insidious nature of the ‘like button’
  • why you should go weird not wide
  • the answer to the ‘magic bullet’ question

3. The Accidental Entrepreneur
This week I was thrilled to be featured in Entrepreneur magazine. You can read the article or listen to the interview of my story as an accidental entrepreneur…

You see, I was a high school teacher for 15 years. I never planned to start and run a business. In fact my dad did his best to persuade his 3 sons to make a career by doing anything but entrepreneurship. He experienced personally just how exhausting this journey can often be…

The thing is, kids tend to watch who you be – and what you do – far more than listening to your words. And Dad loved the independence and creativity of working for no one but himself.

So, it’s probably no surprise that all these years later, that’s precisely what the 3 of us have become! 🤣


Love. Rich


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