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Stop trying to blend in. Learn to stand out.

I spent part of this summer on safari in Northern Tanzania. 

Our guide told us that there are two strategies that animals use for survival. 

Blend in. Or stand out. 

Most animals have evolved to blend in. Both predators and prey use camouflage, or they mimic others, or they apply the principle of safety in numbers.

It’s the rare creature that stands out to survive. 

Some birds have bright colors so they can attract a mate. Some poisonous insects have evolved with bright colors, to ensure that predators see them and recognize them as poisonous. Some predators, like birds of prey, don’t need to hide from the creatures they hunt. And of course, humans have evolved an intelligence smart enough to find ways to hide or hunt, without the need for natural camouflage.

Animals on the African savanna spend most of their time scanning the horizon for danger. They are in mortal fear for much of their lives. 

But you are not an animal fighting to survive on the plains of Africa. 

You’re here to thrive. 

The biggest gift you can give your clients is to be successful.  

Stop trying to blend in. Stop copying others. Stop sounding like others. Stop focusing on danger.

Create opportunities for yourself. No one is coming to save you. 

When you’re 70% ready, go. 

Have a point of view. 

Be provocative. 

Make stuff up. 

Make a noise. 

Stop trying to blend in. 

And learn to stand out.  

Love. Rich


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