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Let’s Play: “I Can Get You Any Client…”

I play a game with my community of coaches called, “I can get you any client…”

One of the members told me that they’d love to coach the Prime Minister of another country (It wasn’t Donald or Boris!)

I have a friend who coaches top politicians, so this seemed like a fine ambition to me. But I knew that there was no way she could enroll a random stranger as a client unless she knew at least a little bit about them. I replied as follows:

So you want this Prime Minister as a client… I’m happy to help. Tell me:

  1. What’s her biggest dream?
  2. What’s her biggest fear?
  3. What has her wake up at 3am, with tears streaming down the sides of her face?
  4. What dangers does she face in the next 3 years?
  5. What opportunities are ahead of her in the next 3 years?
  6. What are her unique strengths?
  7. What are the dark sides of each of these strengths?
  8. How does she underestimate herself the most?
  9. Has she ever experienced coaching before?
  10. Is she open to coaching at this moment in time?

Once I have your answers to these questions, I’ll tell you your next step.

She loved the challenge and replied:

Thanks, Rich! I went straight to my contacts to start getting closer to her inner circle. And I’m doing internet research for some background info. 

There’s a secret behind my game of “I can get you any client.”

I don’t actually care whether or not you get that person as a client!

What I do care about is whether or not you build the skills to enroll high-performing clients – for the rest of your life… 

Want a celebrity or ultra-high net worth client?

Politicians, celebrities and ultra-high net worth individuals are constantly approached by people wanting something from them. So you can’t just show up and say, “I want to help you…” because they will run a mile!

First you need to learn more about them than they know about themselves. (Even if they don’t end up as a client, you have learned the key qualities in the kind of client you’d love to work with…)

Second, you need to find a way to get in a room with that person. (Not in a creepy way! But you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can connect with someone once you set a clear intention And even if you don’t get to meet them in that room, you’ll be in a room with the caliber of clients you love…) 

Third – and most importantly – you need to find a way that you can create value for them rather than wanting something from them. (Learn how to do this and you’ll have all the high-performing clients you ever need…)

OMG. What if you get them as a client?!

I love this one. It’s a high quality problem. How do you coach clients who are super successful, highly intelligent or with an ultra-high net worth?

Here’s one of my favorite articles, answering that very question. 

Love. Rich


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