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Did you ever attend a workshop or a training where you showed up, you listened to some talking and then you were done? You headed off into the world to apply the pages of notes you’d made. But you got busy with life and you never actually applied anything you learned…

Yeah, me too.

It’s why I create Intensives that are designed to change lives.

When you come to our Intensive, you don’t just show up.

  • Our Intensives are about transformation, not information.
  • We take months to plan and curate an experience that will transform you from the inside out.
  • In fact, I have just spent the last two days reading every word that our participants for the April Intensive have written, in response to our questions. Our team is already working out how to rock their worlds.  And, by the way, the caliber of people at the April Intensive is incredible!

When you come to our Intensive, you don’t just listen to some talking.

  • I’m a coach, not a teacher. I design events designed to coach you from the very moment you sign up.
  • In fact, the people who already claimed a ticket to the next RLI got on a live call with me the other day and I coached, coached, coached!

When you come to our Intensive, you don’t just head off into the world…

  • We have you apply your insights during the Intensives. We’ve had coaches make thousands of dollars during our lunchtime challenge on the second day. This challenge is intense and a little scary. And it might just change your life.
  • And we curate a community of extraordinary top performers that you might stay connected with for life. We have had people return to our Intensives year after year after year. We have people who’ve created best friends and business partners during our Intensives. No marriages yet – but you never know!

I love to reward people who take action, so when you sign up now you’ll get access to 2 live group coaching calls with me before the Intensive begins – these are not recorded. We have just 3 spots left at $1,397 and then the price goes up to $1,597.

Secure your seat here:

Love. Rich

PS. Dramatically increase your confidence as a coach by mastering enrolling clients. Drastically increase your ability to raise your fees and up-level your clients. And learn to have fun making money. Join me on The 90 Day Money Game. There’s still time to join us…


PLUS, whenever you’re ready – here are 4 more ways you can drastically increase your income and impact as a world-class coach:

  1. Assess your current coaching level and learn how to get to your next level. Read – or remind yourself of – The Litvin Levels, from The Prosperous Coach.
  2. Watch me coach some of the top coaches on the planet, in order to drastically uplevel your coaching skills. Join me on How To Coach A Superhero: The 4PC edition
  3. Imagine joining a Deep Coaching experience alongside the members of 4PC, my community of high-level coaches… We only offer The 4PC Accelerator once a year and it always sells out in advance. Save $1,000 with early-bird pricing. 
  4. Learn how to enroll and coach successful, talented and ambitious clients – with power and impact. Join my flagship program, Project Kairos – for 8 months of guidance, challenge and support to master creating clients. 


Transforming world-class leaders into world-class coaches.
That’s what we do.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.

Learn more about ways to work together

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