I have written every day for the past 10 years. If you like to read, I've got your back - and I promise to challenge your thinking

A 20 second video script that will change your life…

I’ve made you a Playbook for Coaching in Challenging Times. 10 simple distinctions to help you survive AND thrive. Read it and apply it. It’s designed to help you immediately

Get a potential client on the phone – in less than 20 seconds… 

I’m serving the community of coaches every day, right now, in my pop-up Facebook group, Serve Lead Serve. Over 1,100 coaches joined last week. 

One of them told me that he posted a video online of his insights from my webinar, Leading in Challenging Times

It takes courage to make and share a video for the first time. But I told him I have a way to do better than that… 

I looked him up on LinkedIn and saw that he’s had a successful career in leadership, change management and developing talent. 

So I told him to turn his generic video into a 30 second video he can send by text to ONE person he cares about…

“Hi _____, I was thinking of you. I’m imagining you might be feeling some uncertainty right now. These are challenging times. 

I was a leader in change management at Johnson & Johnson, Kohler and Mars. 

Leading in uncertainty is what I do. Supporting high level leaders is how I do it. 

Do you want to jump on a call for 15 minutes? You’ll leave it with a sense of calm and clarity and 1 specific action you can take tomorrow morning at 9am.

This is how I can contribute right now. If that’s interesting, text me back. And if you’re good for now, I love that. Take care.”

Your biggest challenge is your biggest asset

Most of my community were once high level executives or successful entrepreneurs. But even if you weren’t, you’ve almost certainly faced uncertainty in your life. Right now that’s an asset… 

Maybe you helped a friend during a life-threatening illness. Maybe you were fired from a job or you’ve been bankrupt. I know members of our community who grew up in war-torn countries, members who grew up in poverty, members who lost their entire home in a fire and members who lost their life-savings in a ponzi scheme. 

If you came out the other side of a challenging situation, you can help others. 

Get out of your own way. 

Go out and serve. 

Take this script. Make it your own. Record a 20 second video and send it as a text to one person. 

Let me know how it goes. 

Love. Rich

PS. Unique times require unique solutions… And at this moment, people need 100 days of support. 100 days is just enough to see us through, right now. 

So I’ve created something unique for this moment in time: 100 Days of Coaching

In this group, I’ll be sharing best practices. I’ll be coaching – on professional OR personal issues. And I’ll be teaching ways to serve clients and even to enroll clients at this time. 

I’ll be running weekly calls. And I’ve included virtually unlimited support from me and the other members, using a private group app. 

If you want to survive AND thrive in the weeks ahead, come join me. We begin next week. Your Investment is $2500.


PLUS… Whenever you’re ready… here are 4 ways we can help you increase your income and your impact:

  1. Join my Facebook community, Serve Lead Serve. I’m in there supporting coaches and sharing ideas with you, almost daily.
  2. Build a “word-of-mouth” coaching practice… It’s very noisy online, right now. So, if you want to stand out, you need to think differently… In this self-paced training I’ll teach you the mindsets, techniques and tools that can take your coaching or consulting practice to the next level. Your investment is $695.
  3. Create one client… Whether you want your next $5K client or $50K+ client, join me at our virtual Intensive, in a few days. I’ll teach you everything I know about creating clients. I’ve been supporting coaches and leaders through uncertain times for over a decade. I grew my own business through the 2008 recession. We’ve got you. And you get 21 days of support as part of this new program. Reserve your spot. Your investment is $1597.
  4. Work with Marisa Peer, John Davy and me… Marisa is the best therapist on the planet. John is one of the most successful entrepreneurs I know. Join us to brainstorm, think and experiment with ideas. 

Marisa will help you let go of the limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks, holding you back from your next level of success. John will teach you cutting edge tools and ideas for marketing your business. And I’ll put you in a hot seat and coach you until you break out in a sweat! 

You’ll need to invest $10K and 3 days of your life. You’ll get a total of 60 days of additional support from Marisa, John and me… This is an exclusive group, there’s an interview process and there are only a handful of spots left.

Transforming world-class leaders into world-class coaches.
That’s what we do.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.

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