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You may never convince your former colleagues – or your parents – that coaching is a real profession. And that’s ok.

One of my first personal trainers was a former powerlifter. In one of our early sessions together, I told him I felt embarrassed to be lifting lighter weights than other people in the gym. He laughed and said, “We all started with light weights, Rich.”

This guy was huge and the thought that he’d once pushed small weights made me smile and comforted me at the same time.

If you are newer to your coaching career, you’ll be nearer to the left hand side of the Coaching Curve.

And that’s ok.

We’ve all been there.

We all started with low fees and no clients. We all coached people without permission. And we’ve all tried to convince our former colleagues (and our parents) that coaching is a real profession. At least I did!

Maybe you’re an Amateur Coach, who isn’t yet paid for the coaching that you love. Or, maybe you’re a Professional Coach, who is still paid by the hour and you need dozens of clients just to make ends meet.

Either way, your mission is to become a Prosperous Coach, who can create clients by invitation and referral, one conversation at a time.

You’ll be paid for the value you create, rather than the hours you spend coaching. Over time, you’ll build a word-of-mouth business, no internet marketing needed.

I’ve helped thousands of people become Prosperous Coaches, for over a decade.

  • I’ve helped leaders in the corporate world – who were fired, tired, burned out, or who had simply hit the glass ceiling one too many times – reinvent themselves as a coach or consultant. 
  • I’ve helped entrepreneurs – who’ve built and exited successful businesses – give to others in a new career, as a coach. 
  • And I’ve helped military veterans, doctors, nurses and teachers – people who know what it means to have a calling, and to be in service – find a way to serve that can also be lucrative but not at the cost of their life, or their soul. 

I created Master the Prosperous Coach as the playbook to massively increase your confidence at creating high-performing clients, one conversation at a time. 

And I designed this program for you to work through in your own time. Listen in the shower, or on a run. Watch on the couch or in an airplane. Participate on your own, or with a group of fellow coaches. 

There are 6 modules designed to provoke your thinking:

Module 1: Connect – The single step that the most successful coaches take every morning…

Module 2: Invite– The gentle approach that makes it easy for people to say yes to you…

Module 3: Chat – The five questions that draw people in, and the one question that filters them out…

Module 4: Create – The 5 elements of Deep Coaching, and why you need to throw out the guidelines of your coach training school…

Module 5: Audition – How to use a psychographic to create dream clients and the importance of role reversal. 

Module 6: Propose – The 2 emails that create clients. When never to make a proposal. And how to train clients to enroll the most important person: their spouse. 

All six 2-hour sessions are pre-recorded. You will receive instant access to them.

3 things I can promise you:

  1. I’ve been using The Prosperous Coach Approach for 16 years. I use it to enroll my one-on-one clients and the members of my high-level mastermind, 4PC.
  2. I have taught many of the most unique, exclusive and successful coaches on the planet.
  3. If you commit to the long haul, you can master this approach, too.

2 things I can’t promise you:

  1. I can’t promise you a magic bullet or a quick fix to creating clients. (No one can, by the way, despite your social media feed!) 
  2. I can’t promise you won’t fail or make mistakes. In fact, the only reason I’m more successful than most coaches is that I’ve struggled and failed more than most coaches.
  3. I can’t promise that when you become a Prosperous Coach, you’ll be able to convince your former colleagues – or your parents – that coaching is a real profession! However, you will build the internal confidence and the professional self-esteem that you’ll no longer mind what they think…

The NO refund guarantee…

One last thing. Despite all the “marketing experts” telling you to offer a guaranteed refund, to help people purchase your programs, I’ve never done that. 

I don’t want you to join Master the Prosperous Coach with the idea you’ll get your money back. That’s not going to create a sense of deep commitment. I have a No Refund Policy for all my programs for a reason. 

If you’re in, you’re in. Fully committed. Hell Yes. Or Hell No.

Love. Rich

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