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Want to hang out with Marisa Peer and me?

If you want to guarantee that you’ll increase your income and impact, and – most importantly – your inner peace, in the years ahead, you need to do 3 things:

  1. Surround yourself with extraordinary people
  2. Expose yourself to new ideas
  3. Experiment with new ideas

One of the biggest challenges, as you become more successful, is that there is rarely anyone to challenge your thinking, or help you see through your own stories.

This is why I constantly surround myself with super smart people. 

Two of the smartest people I know are… 

Marisa Peer, who was voted ‘Britain’s Best Therapist’ and whose Rapid Transformational Therapy™ has won 14 different international awards. Her clients include royalty and rockstars, Presidents and CEOs. 

And John Davy, who built Britain’s best brand of comedy clubs. He sold the business at a valuation of many millions of dollars. Then he bought it back, a year later, and sold it again for an even higher return! John’s a rare parallel entrepreneur, sought out for advice by the most successful business-owners I know. 

Marisa is the person I go to when I want to remove old limiting beliefs, while wiring in new empowering ones. I trust her so much, she helps my children when they have a challenge. And it’s John I go to, to learn about business or marketing. 

The first to know… 

I’m excited to let you be the first to know that this May, for the first time, you get access to all three of us, in the same room, at the same time.


In fact, we’ll be at Marisa and John’s home in the beautiful Venice Canals, in Los Angeles. 


We’re going to help a small group of leaders to dream and experiment with completely new ideas. And the agenda… the agenda is YOU. 

You’ll leave with 3 outcomes:

  1. The confidence in yourself and your vision to bring about big changes. 
  2. The skills to get high-performing, high-fee clients.  
  3. A roadmap to rapidly scale your new and existing ideas. 

Reserve your spot

This is an application-only event, for a handful of people. It requires a commitment of 3 days of your energy and focus and a $10K investment. 

Read more here and send in your application now – for me, Marisa and John to read.

Love. Rich 


PS. We’re three Brits who live and work in the US. We travel the world, sharing our expertise in pioneering therapy, cutting-edge coaching and big business. After 3 days with us, your personal and professional life will be transformed.


PS. Sign up for my Coaching Excellence Masterclass on August 10. You will learn the frameworks and mindset shifts that the top 4% of coaches use to thrive in life and business. I will share powerful distinctions and key frameworks so you can assess what you need to get to your next level. There’s no charge for this Masterclass – you just need to commit to show up and to apply your insights.


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1. Join me on How to Coach a Superhero, to learn how to coach highly successful clients and do high-level group coaching. Or join me on Money. Money. Money, to handle your limiting beliefs around money, and become financially fearless. There’s a special price to join both…

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4. Daniel Coyle, author of the Talent Code, says: “Seek out coaches who are authoritative, who know their stuff and take charge. A little scary is good.” 

If you are ready to be pushed and stretched, intellectually and emotionally – to drastically expand your business and your life – there are 3 very unique ways to work with me one-on-one: (1) Thinking Partnership, (2) Protegé, (3) Concierge Trusted Advisor. Apply for an interview. [Note: Investment from $47K to $158K].

Transforming world-class leaders into world-class coaches.
That’s what we do.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.

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