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Maximize simplicity

I know more water is good for my health, my weight and my skin. 

And I want to increase my water intake. 

But I’ve been finding it hard to consume more water. 

I thought the answer was simple… 

I bought six glasses and a beautiful bamboo tray, to carry to my office each morning. 

But it didn’t work. 

It was too much effort to wash and refill the glasses, every night. 

I thought the answer to that was simple… 

I bought a very large water bottle. 

But it didn’t work. 

I couldn’t see inside it, so it was hard to track how much water I’d drunk. 

I thought the answer to that was simple… 

I bought a glass water bottle with markings from 7am-1pm on one side and from 1pm-7pm on the other side, so I could track how much I’d drunk. 

I thought this would be easy.

But it didn’t work. 

If I was busy, I’d forget to refill it, half way through the day. Evening would come and I would feel as dehydrated as ever.

And then it hit me. 

I bought a second bottle. 

I fill the two bottles every morning. 

They sit on my desk and I finish them both before bed.

I maximized simplicity.

Every six months, I visit the dentist.

She cleans my teeth and reminds me that I don’t floss enough. 

I grudgingly commit to floss daily and take the new spool of floss that she hands me, each time. 

Then I floss religiously, every night… for the next couple of days. 

Then, of course, I never floss again for the next 5.9 months, until the day before I’m about to visit the dentist. 

I was telling this to my son, Kaleo, who is 9. 

He replied, “Why don’t you floss BEFORE you clean your teeth? That way you’ll never forget.”

I thought his solution was genius but he was actually maximizing simplicity.

And that’s our job, as trusted advisors to high-level leaders…

Maximize simplicity

In an increasingly complex world, your biggest gift is to bring simplicity to your clients‘ lives. 

In an increasingly high-tech world, you stand out the most when you become more and more high-touch. 

In an increasingly fast-paced world, you make the biggest impact when you slow down. 

In an increasingly mass-market world, you become unforgettable when you astonish and delight one client. 

I have a community of over 30,000 people but last weekend I spent over four hours creating a document for a single person. 

She’s not a client.

And I do this sort of thing all the time for people who are not my clients.

You know why? 

It’s because I wake up every morning and ask myself two questions. Who can I serve? And, what can I create?

Simple. But not easy. 

Oh, and yesterday, that woman I spent four hours serving… She sent me a check for $25K, with a commitment to send another, each year, for a minimum of 3 years. (She joined 4PC). 

As Albert Einstein said, “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

Love. Rich 


PS. If you want to enroll and coach talented and ambitious clients, I have 7 yes or no questions for you:

  1. Leadership. You’re not afraid to lead. You’re known as a leader (whether as an executive, or as an entrepreneur, or in your family. Or all three). YES/NO  
  2. The Prosperous Coach Approach. You’re familiar with this approach to enrolling clients. And you are ready to create (or grow) your practice of high-performing, high-fee clients. YES/NO
  3. High touch vs high tech. You are willing to put internet marketing to one side, while you create clients one powerful conversation at a time. YES/NO
  4. Longevity. You’re in the coaching/consulting field for the long haul. You have the resources so that you don’t “need” clients, even if you want them. YES/NO
  5. Bias for action. When you’re 70% ready, you go. You don’t wait for perfection. You don’t need tons of information before you begin. YES/NO
  6. Risk. You’re a risk taker by nature. You’re not afraid to fail or make mistakes. You’re willing to collect NOs. YES/NO
  7. Contribution. You’re a giver. When you join a community, people are grateful you are there. YES/NO

If all seven of these are true, then either Project Kairos or Transition Excellence is your perfect next jump: 

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  2. Transition Excellence is a self-paced training for high-level leaders. It is a 100 day training, with self-paced video learning, plus live group calls with me and my leadership team, twice a month. TE is ICF accredited. You can complete in a minimum of 100 days but you have access for up to 6 months. You are part of a private Facebook group. Your investment is $6,950.


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