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Meet The Woman Who Is In Charge Of Me!

As a kid, I remember seeing a commercial for Remington — those old electric shavers — where owner and spokesman Victor Kiam said the line: “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company.”

Really? I used to think.  No one likes something that much! But maybe I was wrong…

You see, I just had a great conversation with an extraordinary top performer, a friend of mine, and a member of my team — Wendy Cirello.

Wendy came to one of the first Prosperous Coach events we ever ran about 5 years ago.

And her Coaching Journey with our community has been fascinating.

  • Wendy attended a few Intensives.
  • She joined a Salon – our group coaching program.
  • And then she joined another Salon!
  • And then she traveled to West Africa with me to train 400 teachers in empowerment skills.
  • And then she joined our Intensive Leadership Team.
  • And then she became the leader of our Intensive Leadership Team!
  • And now she is the single person responsible for the entire Intensives once we’re onsite.
  • Then, one day I was telling Sarah that I needed a Strategic Assistant who was bold and confident and a risk-taker, who wasn’t afraid to stand up to me. I said, “Someone like Wendy.” And then I said, “OH!” And now Wendy is my Strategic Assistant. She’s basically in charge of me!

So, while she didn’t buy the company — she liked what we were up to so much that she became a client (again and again and again), and then she joined the team and now she helps lead the company.

Talking of Intensives, before my last webinar we had 29 tickets left to the October event. Now we have only 24! So grab your spot now:

(Watch Video Here)

Watch our short conversation to learn more about Wendy’s top values of Fun, FreedomConnection and Adventure. She’s hysterical. Best person ever to have at a party.

She was the secret sauce behind our 4PC Onesie Party, Rockstar Party, and Superhero Party!

You’ll learn how she created her dream role within our team. You’ll hear how she infuses FUN into everything we do, holds space for incredibly deep work and transformation, and constantly challenges the way I think.  And you’ll learn what is exciting Wendy the most about our October Intensive.

Love. Rich


P.S. We’ve sold out all but one of every single intensive we’ve ever run. Now’s the time to secure your spot and join us:


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