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Mommy, are you gonna get dead?

Mandy Lehto is an executive coach and a former columnist for Psychologies magazine. She’s written for (or been featured by) The Sunday Times, Psychology Today and CNBC.

As a young child, Mandy had straight A’s, she was scholarship winner, she was valedictorian. She had a shelf full of trophies and certificates. She was driven but she also had a heart full of self doubt.

She got her PhD from Cambridge University. And she became a highly successful director at a top international investment bank.

She was driven because if she wasn’t doing something, she was ‘nobody’.

But high achievement can have a high cost. And Mandy slowly burned out.

Bed stricken and laid low by severe illness and exhaustion, her 6 year old daughter asked her one day, “Mommy, are you gonna get dead?”

And she knew something had to change…

Love. Rich

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