90 Day Money Game

Master creating clients using The Prosperous Coach Approach

The 90 Day Money Game

Master creating clients using The Prosperous Coach Approach

Master The Prosperous Coach Approach 

Create clients in real time, with Rich’s guidance

Raise your fees

Up-level your clients

For over a decade, I’ve taught my private clients a tool called The 90 Day Money Game.

The 90Day Money Game reframes client creation to make it fun and energizing.

The 90 Day Money Game has a track record of success in helping coaches master The Prosperous Coach Approach.

Week after week, we put our attention on the 6 elements of The Prosperous Coach framework. Connect—Invite—Chat—Serve—Audition—Propose.

In these previously recorded calls, I am coaching people each week on real issues they are facing—from who to connect with, to how to get great referrals, to how to make bold proposals.

And I will be challenging you in each call to take action.

I practice The Prosperous Coach Approach to this day to enroll my $50K-$185K one-on-one clients and the members of 4PC. So I will be playing the game alongside you.

The 90 Day Money Game
Program Details

The program contains 6x pre-recorded 90-minute group coaching sessions, where participants are playing The 90 Day Money Game together.

You will begin with the Client Creation Dashboard, in order to focus your Client Creation. 

There is a Q&A segment on each of the calls to help you build your client creation skills. 

You will model and practice the skills you learn between sessions.

You will be given immediate access to all of your program material in a private member center.

Program contains 6 pre-recorded, 90 minutes long calls as well as additional resources to support your journey.

Join The 90 Day Money Game

I have taught many of the most unique, exclusive and successful coaches on the planet. If you commit to the long haul, you can master this approach, too.

How much do you want your next client to invest… $1,000, $5,000, $12,000?

Then find a way to give them $1,000, $5,000, or $12,000 of value before they ever become a client.

I’ll help you to do that when you join The 90 Day Money Game.

Love. Rich

The 90 Day Money Game

You will receive immediate access to 6 90-minute call recordings that you can work through at your own pace.  You will have access to the recordings in perpetuity to refer back to for additional insight or listen to again and again.

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