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The Myth of ‘High-Paying’ Clients: Dive Deeper, Coach Better

Have you ever felt the desire to have higher and higher paying clients?

I put it to you that there’s no such thing as a “high-paying client.”

Seventeen years ago, my first ever client paid me $10 a month. So, when I eventually signed a client for $100 an hour, I felt like a high-fee coach!

The concept of a “high-paying client” is an illusion. 

It’s not about the amount they pay, but the value you provide and the results they create. 

No matter the price point, the underlying principle remains the same: serve with excellence. 

A client paying $100 deserves the same dedication and passion as one paying $10,000. Or $100,000. 

Back in 2006, I dreamed of one day being paid $20K a year. 

It seemed like a distant dream but I was relentless in ensuring I provided $20,000 of value for everyone I coached – no matter how much they paid me. 

By the time the first person paid me the full amount, I knew in my bones that I was already delivering $20,000 of value. 

Chasing higher fees is like chasing the horizon. It’s an ever-moving target. But what remains constant is the depth of impact we can create.

Over the years, my rates have increased but my impact has grown tenfold. That’s how I’ve made the following shifts:

  • Group coaching: my Prosperous Coach Salon at $9K eventually became Project Kairos at $20K. 
  • High-end community: 4PC was an $8K investment in 2014. Ten years later, membership of 4PC is $29K a year and members commit to at least 3 years.
  • 1:1 Coaching: my private coaching started at $10/month. Seventeen years later, it ranges from $54K-$185K.

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and constantly aim for a higher fee. But in the world of coaching, the true value isn’t just in the amount charged, it’s in the transformation brought to your client’s life. 

So, am I a high-fee coach compared to where I started? Absolutely. 

But am I the highest paid coach? No, because I’ve got friends and colleagues who charge up to a million dollars for their coaching.

And that’s okay. Because coaching isn’t just about the fee. It’s about impact and transformation.

The true metric of success in coaching is the lasting change you create in someone’s life.

Stop trying to get “high-paying clients” and aim to be a high-impact coach. 

When you focus on the value you bring, the fees will naturally align. 

Love. Rich


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