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What should you name your coaching business?

What should you name your coaching business?

Choosing a name for your coaching business is the first and perhaps the most profound declaration of your brand’s unique identity and promise. It speaks of your mission, your values, and the transformational journey you offer to your tribe. This is no small task. Luckily, I’m here to help.

Deciding on a coaching business name that stands out

As a coach, you want to attract people who seek the exact transformation you provide.
A compelling name forms a first impression to those who find themselves on the threshold of change, so it must hold an invitation and promise.

Your name is a label for your company and will echo through your marketing, branding, and client engagement – and it should also be an accurate illustration of your mission. Creating a coaching business name is about showcasing your authority, but it’s also about your foundational values, client results, and carving a distinct path in the coaching world.

Here are my tips to ensure you select a name that stands out and reflects your purpose. Ideally, it should:

  1. Define your speciality: What’s the essence of your coaching practice? Will you be working with clients seeking leadership opportunities, personal transformation, or perhaps a more harmonious life balance? Your specific niche should guide your choice of name so that it resonates with the individuals who need your expertise.
  2. Cultivate emotional connection: The most memorable names for coaching businesses will strike a chord and evoke feelings that benefit clients. Whether it’s hope, empowerment, or clarity, your name should reflect the emotional journey you offer. A powerful connection with your clients starts with your name.
  3. Align with your values: Your name should always reflect your core beliefs and embody the personal principles that guided you to coaching. You are aiming to build a recognisable legacy that resonates with your values and reflects the transformational impact you want to have on the world.

Beyond the depth and resonance of your name are crucial practical considerations:

  • It must be memorable, straightforward, and spellable
  • You should ensure you can secure the appropriate domain name (more on this below…)
  • Make sure you select a name versatile enough to grow with you and your business.

Personal name vs brand name

Do you incorporate your own name or create a brand name for your coaching business? It’s is a critical choice – each with pros and cons.

Using your name holds the power to strengthen your personal brand and weave your journey, insights, and unique coaching style directly into your business’s identity.

On the other hand, if you opt for a brand name, you can open a gateway to a broader future. A brand name that encapsulates a wider mission and vision and speaks of a collective impact going beyond the individual can be valuable. This route is advisable if you want to build a legacy that extends beyond personal coaching into a more expansive community.

So ask yourself, which one aligns most with your vision?

Check if the domain name is available

A domain that matches your coaching business name is a necessity for memorable branding and ensures that your intended audience can find you easily in a competitive world.

Check no one else is using your coaching business name to avoid potential legal entanglements. This isn’t just a logistical step; it’s a foundational one that safeguards your brand’s future.

Do a quick Google search of your name idea or use tools like Namecheap‘s domain name search. Even if you don’t have a website yet, if your name idea is available, buy the domain right away. And if it’s not available, consider changing your name in the early stages…

How to name your coaching program

Your coaching program names should be intriguing and allude to a profound transformation. Remember, your clients are not just investing in coaching; they’re investing in the outcomes and the emotional journey that only you can offer.

Let’s shed more light on deciding a name for your programs with a few handy methods:

Mastermind vs group coaching

Whether to label your service as ‘group coaching’ or ‘mastermind’ can be a puzzle, so let me share an insight from a deep conversation that unfolded within my private community…

A dedicated coach came to me scratching her head over this decision and confused by our industry’s jargon. My response was simple: ‘It’s language and feelings all the way down.’

What do I mean by this? Your clients are looking for something beyond what we traditionally define as coaching. They aren’t just investing in a prescriptive service; they’re investing in an experience. Clients are drawn to the promise of what lies beyond the surface. They want to hear the stories that we tell and the emotional journeys that we offer.

Your coaching service’s name and narrative must convey that powerful connection. The transformative journey you promise and the stories you share are where your magic lies.

In my own practice, I’ve evolved from using generic descriptions to embracing names that are intrinsically linked to the essence of the experience I provide. Names like ‘The Deep Dive’ invite my clients to join me on a transformative journey, so I create a real resonance with them.

Creating a unique name for your coaching program

When naming your coaching program, I encourage you to forget the conventional and explore metaphors, symbolism, or even acronyms that hold personal meaning and significance.

Take, for instance, my own ‘4PC’ – a name with a dual meaning.

On one hand, it signifies ‘The 4 Percent Club’, a community dedicated to those who are not just participating in the world but actively shaping it – the top 4 percent. On the other, it speaks of the principle that true growth occurs when challenges are precisely 4 per cent beyond our current capabilities – pushing us to a level where real transformation happens.

Your name will embed several layers of meaning into your coaching program’s DNA. You can encourage your clients to engage with your service, philosophy, and journey. By choosing a name that reflects deep principles or stories, you will plant a flag for the transformative experience you offer.

Create a name based on outcomes

Think about the outcomes that your clients yearn for. Creating an outcomes-based program name says, ‘This is where you achieve what you’ve been dreaming of.’

They’re not just in pursuit of a guide; they’re drawn to the promise of specific achievements and improved states of being. Whether they’re attaining wealth, forging deeper relationships, or embarking on a journey of self-discovery, your program’s name must reflect these aspirations.

For example, if your coaching is about empowering your clients to achieve financial freedom, a name that evokes the emotions attached to this outcome will speak directly to their heart’s desire and communicate the value of the journey you offer.

Test your names with your audience

Before you finalise the name of your coaching program, there’s an important step that can’t be overlooked. You should test its resonance with your ideal audience. To do this, engage directly with individuals you aim to serve through surveys, social media polls, or focus groups. This will help you accurately understand the emotional and psychological impact of your proposed names.

Do your coaching business name and programs align?

Harmony between your business name and program names isn’t just beneficial – it’s essential. This synergy creates a thread that speaks to the heart of your brand mission and the transformation you offer.

Every aspect of your brand, from your business name to your individual program titles, should be unified. Cohesion will empower and transform your offerings to attract and engage your ideal clients. When names align, they form a story and the journey that you’re inviting people on. This keeps your brand recognisable, your purpose clear, and your value strong.

Begin your transformation journey

As you begin the creative process of naming your coaching business and programs, remember that your name isn’t just something to identify you. It should always reflect your personal mission and the transformation you offer. Your name is your promise to those you feel destined to serve.

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Join me, and take the first step on your path to greatness!


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