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There’s No Formula for Courage…

Six weeks ago, I broke my little finger. It was a complex break and required two hours of surgery. The surgeon had to insert 6 pins and a plate, to help heal the bone. I still get a little emotional thinking about it. 

But I had the stitches out a couple of weeks ago, and I’m in healing mode.

However, healing does not look like resting my hand as much as possible.

It looks like pushing and stretching and moving my hand in ways that are painful, uncomfortable, and anything but easy.

When I was with the hand surgeon yesterday, I had to breathe so deeply in order to not shout out from the pain – as he stretched my finger in different directions.

I don’t usually like the phrase, “no pain, no gain” but sometimes you’ve got to put the hard work in first, to create the results you want on the other side.

Creating clients, one conversation at a time, isn’t painful. But it is uncomfortable.

So most people procrastinate and put off what needs to be done.

They go on social media. 

They create a meme. 

They write a book. 

They dream.

They plan. 

They do everything to avoid a conversation with a real person. 

There are phone calls you could make, and text messages you could send, right now, that could lead to your next client. 

There are emails in your inbox, right now, that if you reply to could lead to a new client.

Almost everything you want in life is on the other side of an uncomfortable conversation.

And you can do uncomfortable…

This is why in Rich Litvin’s 1:1 Playbook, I’ll be teaching you advanced coaching techniques that move beyond surface-level solutions. You’ll learn how to engage with clients on a deeper psychological level – to facilitate transformative experiences that lead to lasting changes in their personal and professional lives. 

Join me to learn some of the most challenging tools I use with my $100,000 clients. Don’t wait: we begin on May 14… 

BUT HERE’S THE SECRET… You don’t invest in yourself after you’ve become successful. Investing deeply in your growth and transformation is what ensures you serve your clients powerfully, and attracts high-paying engagements.

The most successful coaches I’ve ever met continuously develop themselves both personally and professionally. One of my clients has been a coach for 33 years but she keeps coming back to my trainings to learn more. The two most successful members of 4PC – with million dollar businesses – have been my clients for over a decade. 

If you want to push your clients out of their comfort zones, to achieve extraordinary results, you’ve got to stretch outside of YOUR comfort zone. And for that you need to take risks. You’ve got to do what feels uncomfortable.

Love. Rich


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